Alien pod falls from LA police officers leg

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While watching this video, things kept getting out of control for one man. He is seen driving around in a truck and knocks open several gates. During this police chase video, something quite bizarre later occurs. One Los Angeles police officer in particular stands out, while in pursuit of a criminal suspect driver along different highway roads.

Seen in the video at 10:14, appears to be an alien type object, rolling down the hill where the truck was stopped after pursuit by the police. There are questions about what actually happened in this video.

Alien pod falls from LA police officers leg

Did this police officer, lose a can of tobacco dip? Did the officer have a hole in his pocket? If so, did a container fall down his leg appearing to come out from his foot? (It may well be a tear gas container or something similar)

After pursuit of the man driving a white Chevrolet utility truck vehicle, the police are later seen surrounding the suspect with guns. Highway traffic is shut down, while this event is taking place. One of the police officers, pats the other officer on his back. Moments later…this same officer, has a strange object come out from his foot or leg area.

Something Weird Was Captured Falling Out Of A Cops Leg

Whatever this thing was coming out from this officer’s quite strange indeed. People are speculating different things such as this officer not being entirely human. It seems far fetched but nobody knows for sure what exactly happened on that day.

There appears to be somewhere between 10-12 police vehicles at the final scene, as the helicopter camera pans around the street location. The exact street location where this took place isn’t known, but is believed to have happened several years ago. The footage was later re-posted on YouTube, among other sites online.

What is known, is during the initial pursuit…the suspect is seen initially driving southbound on highway 5 in Pacoima, California. While this entire event took place, a white colored toy-sized dog, can be seen scared to death later in the video as well. It seems the dog was inside of the truck and runs out, after the suspect was shot by the Los Angeles police officers at the scene.

Alien pod falls from LA police officers leg dog

Tragically, it is believed that the man shot was killed at the scene from gunfire. Not a single cop flinched when the shot was fired. However, it appears as if the driver of this truck, may have ended his own life instead.

Alien pod falls from LA police officers leg shooting

From the video, the window appears to be shot out but the glass seems to fall on the inside. This means that the officer standing on the far right holding a rifle, was the one who pulled the trigger killing them. To date, all of this is speculation but the object seen is quite an anomaly. Perhaps someone out there knows the real truth of what it is.

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