Mobile alien bases have been spotted on the Moon

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Alien base photos on the Moon

With all the theories about aliens and extraterrestrial activity happening lately, some people have reached the conclusion that on the Moon, we are not alone. There has been photographic evidence of what appears to be some sort of extraterrestrial type base seen.

Not only this, but it also appears to be moving from one location to another. It seems that NASA has been keeping things well hidden over time. The activity seen on camera, shows several extraordinary structures on the Moons surface.

Aliens on the Moon

There is a theory, that the Moon is actually hollow inside and that perhaps multiple alien races are living underground. These same species of aliens, have been visiting and even harvesting resources from Earth for many years. Many think that this type of activity dates back to the Apollo missions NASA has been involved with.

Seen are the images captured via from satellite cameras. These photos show strange structures on the Moons lunar surface. NASA also has an orbiter device. (known as the Reconnaissance Orbiter) New images have been seen from this and have been presented recently. People are making comparisons to previously seen photos as well.

Originally thought to be compared by Tyler Glockner of SecureTeam, the comparisons are quite astounding. Something unusual is going on with the Moon as of late.

Tyler mentioned: “It’s an amazing piece of photographic evidence, showing these massive installations on the moon. When I discovered this UFO, and this moon photograph, I was reminded about the other photograph – it looks identical. I think we may have the same object and that maybe this structure may not have been a stationary structure.”

The clarity of the images isn’t perfect, however they are good enough to make out various details. These circular objects are quite a curiosity indeed. What kind of power do these structures have? One speculation is that they are comparable to a nuclear reactor.

If this is true, are we about to get caught up in some sort of war? A lot of activity has been happening down in Antarctica as well. Some think that aliens and humans are waging war with one another secretly. Perhaps a type of alien invasion may be in place to take over the masses soon.

While NASA doesn’t offer any real explanations to these accusations, they haven’t denied or confirmed anything yet about the photos. People will see what they want, it may be the real deal or it simply may not.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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