Creepy Aliens Watch Little Girl Twirl In Kitchen

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Most recently, a little girl is seen on an embedded video from the site Streamable. As this little girl begins to spin around, alien looking beings begin to watch her. The seen alien faces, move independently inside the reflective surface of the door.

Two faces are seen blurred together in a swirl, one appears more pronounced than the other. After looking more carefully, a small figure resembling an alien looking boy, can be seen standing upright. The kitchen counter, can also clearly be seen in the glass off the doors reflection.

Alien watches little girl at kitchen door

The video clip was most certainly taken at night. Lighting can play tricks upon the mind sometimes, yet this video seems quite legit. Many feel that this video shows evidence of alien activity at someone’s home. It is unknown why this happened or if will happen again. Why were these aliens watching this little girl and her family? Perhaps they are as fascinated about human beings as we are of them.

From what is understood about the video, a mother was randomly recording her daughter twirling and moving around the kitchen late one evening. She happened to capture this rather incredible video footage with her phone. It is unknown where this location was, other than being somewhere in the United States.

Like people in the world, each of us are unique by our appearance. Even twins have subtle differences between them. Although it is mere speculation, aliens would likely be slightly different as well by their appearance.

Aliens watch little girl in kitchen

In total, there are 3 alien beings seen in the doors reflection. Some have mentioned they have seen a 4th one. The entire video has a really creepy vibe about it. Still though, it is one of the most interesting paranormal videos to come along in a while.

alien faces in door kitchen at night with little girl

People are still studying it as they attempt to decipher whether or not it might be real. Like other videos such as this, people can speculate many things. It is a video standout for sure. This video is among many that hasn’t been debunked yet.

Those who think this is nothing but a fake, believe that lighting techniques were being used and the aliens were just people wearing masks. This doesn’t explain the smaller sized alien boy, but we can assume that a puppet or doll was used for this as well. This video comes across both scary and surreal for some viewers. We anxiously await as more news of this comes forward.

(Source: Disclose TV and Reddit)

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