The Psychic Twins are possessed by ghosts

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They are an unusual pair. Both Terry and Linda Jamieson are 53 years old. They are twins who are able to tap into their psychic abilities. Aside from this, they often become possessed by ghostly spirits.

The Psychic Twins

Perhaps these is a reason why they are able to tap into predictions of the future. While every prediction is not always spot on, they have foreseen many upcoming events that have happened in the world. The Psychic Twins, are the most documented psychics in history, with an unrivaled track record of over 1,500 accurate world predictions.

Being a twin is a special thing, they are known to be able to communicate with one another in ways which other people cannot understand. Statistically, multiple births are responsible for 1 out of every 34 children being either a twin or triplet. This equals to around 1 out of 67 pregnancies. The odds of having identical twins is about 3 in 1,000. Some also believe that seeing twins is a sign of good luck to come.

Terry and Linda have even been able to communicate with dead celebrities, such as Princess Diana and Michael Jackson as well.

The Psychic Twins outdoors

Terry and Linda, have also predicted events such as the 9/11 World Trade Center attack. Other predictions include, the series of bombings which happened in Belgium, Boston, Florida, and Paris as well. Other visions include the rise of ISIS. The twins have released three different bestselling books including “Died Too Young, Psychic Intelligence and Separated At Earth: The Story of the Psychic Twins”.

Truly these twins, have an unusual destiny and have a passion for what it is that they do. It seems these twins, are able to tap into their collective consciousness, meanwhile being able to talk with different spirits and understand different energies, which surround us all. The twins have mentioned, that they work with spirits in what is known as “soul collective”.

This is how they gather their information about what is to come. The process of this consumes most of their day. Notably, the twins will both write the exact same information, even if they’re in different rooms.

The Psychic Twins interview

During different interviews with the twins, Linda mentioned that through her fingers, she was able to channel thoughts onto paper. Some of the drawings and words that has been seen, have continued to marvel them to date.

The twins grew up in Pennsylvania, having a happy healthy childhood. By the time they were age 20, they started experiencing nightmares about future events.

Linda said: “We would have horrible visions while we were asleep.”

“We had nightmares about the tsunami in 2004 for years before it happened.”

Age 25, Linda discovered she could channel spirits for automatic writing.

She said: “I was accessing it from another dimension. It’s strange because you are conscious of what you’re doing.”

“Terry watched me doing it and tried herself. Then she realised she could also do it.”

Terry and Linda give their predictions each year, every January. They predicted that 2018, will be filled with chaos. Let’s see what happens this year as it unfolds. It seems we are in for a bumpy ride.

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