Ghost face in the forest of India

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Seen in a perplexing picture, appears to be some kind of ghostly silhouette, standing upright. Looking carefully, it appears to be the ghost of a young woman, standing between several trees.

From what is known, this photograph was taken by an Indian woman named Sneha Divekar on 9/5/10. It took place when both Sneha Divekar and her friends went to Matheran. This area is located near Mumbai in the west Indian state of Maharashtra.

Seasonally, the area is known for its mild climate and well-preserved colonial architecture. It is forbidden to transverse through most areas here by vehicle. Most of the visitors here travel here by the narrow-gauge railway, on the 1907 Neral–Matheran Toy Train.


There is much natural beauty here to enjoy. While at Panorama Point, people can glance around to see majestic views across the mountains of the Western Ghats. Other locations include Louisa Point which has views of waterfalls and the ancient Prabal Fort.

Ghost face in the forest

The photo isn’t crystal clear, due to the foggy day. However, when Sneha returned home she was shocked to see this ghostly looking entity standing between the trees. The face of the ghost is the most defined while the body seems more cloudy.

Apparently, Sneha shared this photo and sent it to a number of paranormal experts. Most of them, didn’t respond except for one. The expert mentioned, that this photograph didn’t have anything unusual in it. They were alluding to…this being nothing more than a trick played upon the eyes while looking at it. The photo it seems, has left people utterly confused.

Ghost face in the forest of India

This so-called expert said, “I have seen thousand such pictures, and for your kind information, what you are seeing in this picture is just a predetermined perception of your brain. There is no paranormal figure present in this picture.”

However, one can argue that something can be seen. Since news of this was released, people still aren’t sure what this is. Perhaps someone died here from long ago, as they haunt the area.

At first glance, seeing this ghost in the forest is a difficult observation. One person mentioned you would have to look pretty close to notice this. Did this person’s friends come over with a magnifying glass to examine all of these pictures taken on that day? It would be damn near impossible to notice this unless it was pointed out. This doesn’t appear to be an optical illusion, as the facial contours are far too pronounced.

Others have seen something similar, including a group of four friends wandering around with torches at midnight. They were in a location near here known as ‘Suicide Point’. They weren’t out exploring for no more than five minutes, before returning after one friend noticed a faint figure standing near the rocks nearby. Maybe this lost soul took their own life here and are aimlessly wandering the surrounding area. The idea of this, does seem quite creepy however.

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