Magician Photographs Ghostly Figure By Castle Window

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What resembles a ghostly figure can be seen standing by a window located in Edinburgh’s Lauriston Castle located in Scotland. The man who snapped the photograph, happens to be a magician but he stated that this is no trick. Whatever this figure could be, it appears to be from times past. 

The ghostly figure, appears to be dressed in clothing from long ago. Drew McAdam said he was at the castle early for an event that was taking place there. He said while there, he was waiting for a caretaker of the property to cut off the alarm system, so he could enter the building. 

While being there, he then managed to capture a few photos in and around the building. When he looked back at the photos, one of them seemed to capture something very unusual. It appeared to be a woman from the past. 

Edinburgh’s Lauriston Castle l

The photograph of this woman eerily seemed to be peering out the window as if she was looking for someone. McAdam when on to explain that he did not edit the photograph in any way. It looks just like what he captured while he was there. 

Nobody else was around when he snapped this photo. If there was a person inside, then they likely would have triggered motion sensors and other alarm systems. McAdam was spooked about what he had seen. 

One can only wonder whether or not this captured photograph is evidence of something quite special. Many people have seen or admitted to recording ghosts on video or with pictures. 

“To me, it doesn’t look like a ghost, it looks like a real person,” McAdam told a local newspaper.

“I know the house really well, some people said it was a mannequin or something but there’s no mannequins in that place, it’s a museum.”

The castle itself where the photo was taken, is a 16th century tower house created with 19th century extensions which overlook the Firth of Forth, located in Edinburgh.

Perhaps the castle itself could really be haunted. There have reports of other paranormal incidents, including that of a shadowy figure spotted on the property.

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