3 Year Old Terrifies Internet With Her Imaginary Friend

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This little girl age 3, decided to share her drawing with her mother. After this, the photo was posted online. It was later tweeted by on Twitter. It was featured in a write-up about children and their imaginary friends.

Ruby age 3 scares internet Imaginary Friend

Rather quickly, the creepiness sent people into a terrifying outrage. It seems that little Ruby, has an unlikely odd friend. This alleged imaginary friend, sent shock waves around the internet, as Twitter users freaked out, over the youngsters handy work.

Other social media sites, are now sharing this drawing as well. Her mother is convinced this is some kind of ghostly entity, that has been communicating with her young daughter. It seems, the imaginary friend named “Grateful”, is that of a 14 year old girl. Young little Ruby said, that her friend…had two babies inside her. This indicates that whoever this young girl is, was carrying twins.

It is rather odd, that this 3 year old could mention a specific name like this. Usually, when children have an imaginary friend, they are around the same age and have a common type name. This is a bit different in that regard, not to mention kind of unsettling. The photograph seen, clearly shows little Ruby’s drawing. The stick figured sketch, shows this girl with different colors. In particular, her eyelashes are drawn yellow. This means that the girl can see in the dark.

Grateful visits Ruby only at night. Ruby said, that her friend scares her but she always wants her to come back. Most who have come across this story, believe that Ruby is being visited by some kind of ghostly spirit. The post, has sparked people to share their own stories about something visiting them during their childhood.

Natalie Morales Ruby 3 imaginary friend tweet

It seems that Ruby is proud of her drawing seen in the photo. The Twitter post, has already 25,000 views and has been liked 95,000 times so far. Surely, children have active imaginations but this time it seems a bit different. Spirits often wander before moving onward. Children are innocent like animals and thus spirits are drawn to them. It is believed, that children can in actuality see spirits whereas adults cannot.

Things such as these, are debated about whether or not they are actually true. Perhaps Ruby really is visited by something otherworldly after all. One day in the future when she is older, she might recall these ghostly visitations.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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