Devil’s Bridge, a delightful curiosity

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This devilish curiosity, is nestled away in Germany’s Kromlauer Park. Here, an unusual bridge still stands, dating back to the 19th century. The crossing is amply named “Devil’s Bridge” because it was deemed so dangerous, due to being built by Satan itself.

The bridge itself still stands, yet it is prohibited to cross nowadays. This is because the aging structure, may no longer be safe to cross. To preserve it longer from crumbling, the eye catching marvel can be viewed by passing visitors.

Germany Devil Bridge Rakotzbrücke

When this bridge was built, it was designed in such a way – to create an optical illusion of a half-circle. The water below reflects this, thereby creating a complete circle. Devil’s Bridge is known as the Rakotzbrücke.

It’s delicate design, is indeed a fascinating structure. Initially, the bridge was commissioned by a local knight back in 1860. The stone pieces of the bridge were combined by using various local stones.

Germany Devil's Bridge

Like other designs around Europe, this one is a stand out. The end of each side is decorated in such a way to form a perfect circle. When the waters are still and the light is right, the illusion becomes complete. The thin rock spires, appear like they are naturally formed, due to being irregularly shaped.

This location is 200 acres in size. It is a landscaped park located in the municipality of Gablenz, Germany. Being built in the 19th century, this park is a good example of an English garden and has many small ponds and lakes nearby.

Those who happen to be in Germany, should definitely check this location out. The park itself has no entry fee and is accessible at any time. The Rakotzbrücke, is a short walk from the paid car parking area. The main parking area near the Rakotz Bridge, is in the village of Kromlau.

It is unknown if anyone has died or has been injured while crossing this unique bridge. The aging relic, remains a standout location and seems to captivate all who come this way.

(Source: Atlas Obscura)

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