Thousand year old Mayan cave priest found

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Mayan Jungle

A mysterious encounter took place back in 1931, when a renowned archaeologist became lost deep inside the Yucatan Jungle. A nearly hopeless moment for them occurred, when they entered an unusual looking cave.

This cave had notably not been explored before. As this archaeologist wandered through the treacherous terrain inside the cave, he encountered the incredible. Inside this cavern, was a Mayan Priest that claimed to be a thousand years old. This priest led the archaeologist to safe passage before mysteriously disappearing.

Later, this rather unusual encounter became known as the Loltun Cave Hermit. More news about it made its way into the Modesto News-Herald on January 3rd, 1931. An article titled: “Mystery of the Loltun Cave Hermit” was written by Edna Robb Webster. This hand-written article, was based upon the notes and the original photographs used in the expedition.

While this cave still holds its wonders, in modern times—it is considered the largest cave system in the country of Mexico. It is quite easy to get lost inside of here as Robert Stacy-Judd, a California-based architect and archaeologist found out. He and his crew made their descent deep within the Loltun cave system. A lot of it is unexplored still. Their journey reached a six-mile trek through Yucatan territory.

Archaeologist Robert-Stacy Judd

Archaeologist Robert-Stacy Judd

“We stored our equipment upon a safe ledge,” Robert Stacy-Judd wrote, “lighted our torches and descended into a blackness that was almost tangible. Very soon, we discovered that the ceiling of the best known passage–one described in detail by previous explorers—had fallen in and that we must seek a new shall for descending to a lower level.”

“We crawled through a long tunnel on our hands and knees, sometimes lying flat and squirming through the narrow passage, and finally emerged into another large cavern that resembled the nave of a large cathedral.”

Although Robert and his crew became lost, they were stunned at what they were seeing—refilling their canteens with underground cavern water. After a while, they noticed a mysterious light coming from deep within the cave. It was a lit torch. Robert said this was the weirdest experience of his life, as he gazed over to see an old man illuminated by flickering lights including two smoke-trailing torches.

mayan priest underground cave yucatan

They witnessed what was believed to be an ancient Maya Hol-Pop. The thousand year old bodyguard of Maximilian. The man had spent his life guarding ancient sacred relics and stashes of gold. From being inside the cave for so long, he had lost his eyesight becoming nearly blind.

This ancient man, made mention of their arrival to the cave as he had a premonition of it. After speaking with the old man for a while, he led Robert Stacy-Judd and his crew to safety as they made their way back outside the cave. Before departing, Robert placed several coins in the bony hands of the priest.

Money was essentially worthless to him but Robert appreciated his guidance and was most gracious. Robert himself, questioned whether or not this blind man was psychic and/or guided by some kind of spiritual ancestors. This encounter remains unsolved, yet has become one of the most fascinating tales from this region of the world.

(Source: Week in Weird)

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