Massive megaliths found in Russia

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There have been massive megaliths found in Russia. How did they get there? And what purpose did they have? This has people wondering. These enormous stones are scattered in particular locations and were once used for something otherworldly. If what is speculated to be true about them, then history itself must be rewritten.

An ancient civilization is believed to have existed. Our ancestors may have been big enough to collectively carry these massive stones due to their physical strength and size.

Giant Megalith in Russia

It is believed that an earlier man was much taller and brutally superior. This race of giant beings once inhabited the far corners of the Earth. There have been many tales about large type people living around the world. Often fairy tales mention them, along with other wondrous creatures. These stories are found from different cultures and places.

Ancient history is tough to follow, as many things were simply lost over time. Unfortunately, some of our history has died at the hands of mankind. Examples of this, are happening in places such as the middle east with statues, carvings and tablets being destroyed. Is there a reason the people there are trying to cover up our past? What are they trying to hide?

Mysterious Megalith in Russia

The megaliths had a purpose and speculation about them, comes in a variety of flavors. Some think that some of these megaliths were used as runways for extraterrestrials—who may have frequented our planet. Another idea is that they were used in a mechanical sense, perhaps part of a machine of some kind.

People also think that some of these spots were also used as sacrificial grounds offering or even worshiping something or someone. Despite all of this, we still do not know what exactly they truly were used for. Perhaps future technology will aid in the discovery of such things. These rather amazing stone structures simply defy the earlier history of our world.

Giant Skeleton scale

In the written Bible of Genesis: 6: 4, there has been mentions of large people wandering the Earth. Passages of this are found in the Hebrew bible of Nephilim. It was after this, that the sons of God came unto the daughters of men.

They bared children with them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. Is it actually possible these massive megaliths, were made by such men from our ancient past? One day mankind will find the real truth of things. The following video shows some interesting theories of things that may come.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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