Leaked grey alien footage from KGB agent in Russia

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Grey alien footage from Russia 1960's

A user named Ivan0135 uploaded on April 13th, 2011 a rather remarkable video the same day they joined YouTube. What is seen, appears to be an extraterrestrial of some sort. This video displays that of a grey alien.

These types of aliens are also referred to as Zeta Reticulans or Viinnadorians. Roughly forty-three percent of the alien encounters reported about in the United States alone…are described as alien beings such as this.

Many different new age communities, paranormal researchers and other ufological organizations have all documented encounters with this type of alien race. Quite often, they are described as having smooth grey-colored skin.

Grey aliens in Russia footage

They are fairly short in stature, they also appear sexless based upon our limited knowledge of them. These aliens don’t appear to have any hair on their bodies and their heads are rather enlarged. Notably as well, their eyes are dark black colored by appearance and they have neither a nose or any ears.

Betty and Barney Hill holding paper

One of the very first grey alien encounters happened in New Hampshire back in 1961. Both Barney and Betty Hill were taken in an abduction in a rural area. They went missing between the 19th of September until the 20th. Skeptics still doubt this encounter really happened. Famously, the Roswell UFO incident from 1947 still continues to mystify believers and doubters. The grey aliens were also documented then as well.

Grey alien footage from Russia

The video footage seen by Ivan0135 apparently took place in Russia. First seen, is a flying saucer of sorts in the sky. The quality makes it difficult to see much detail but enough to distinguish between different objects in the framed shot.

A time stamp is also seen in the bottom left part of the video—with part of it blocked out by some kind of bar code. Perhaps there is a reason for this, as it may give the exact location of where this event took place. Remember, this is old video footage and technology isn’t what is available like we have today.
While watching the video, it is implied that some of these aliens didn’t live—as one is seen lying on the ground.

From what is known, all of this was documented between the year 1942 until 1969. There were seven different video tapes recovered, showing alien life and UFOs. For different reasons, the anonymity of the sources have been kept in secret. The video contains only a sample of what was recorded from a tape labeled number 5.

The entire duration of the original video, is 180 minutes long. Like most viewers, while watching the video the movement of the aliens eyes is one of the most fascinating things seen. This alien also appears to be dressed in some sort of clothing. The aliens met with officials in secret, discussing matters of mutual concern.

Under a treaty, these meetings were held confidentially by higher ranking officials. What they discussed is anyone’s best guess. These meetings may have impacted how our world is today. The aliens were filmed without their permission secretly, upon their agreement. Maybe more found footage will emerge about the grey aliens and their spacecraft.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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