UFO Mothership refuels next to the Sun

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Last year, our Sun played host to what appears to be an alien mother ship of some sort. Seen in the video, the ship appears to be refueling…harnessing the Sun’s energy. The video is remarkable, watching this spaceship of sorts, able to withstand the intensity of heat from our Sun.

Strange video from NASA shows UFO mothership refueling at the sun

While it is amusing, people make comparisons to our technology. This alien ship, is far advanced beyond anything that we know of. Obviously, if anything known on Earth got this close to the Sun, it would be engulfed by a fiery blaze of madness, disintegrating in mere moments. This allegedly happened back in September of 2016.

UFO mothership refueling at the sun

The Sun’s distance from Earth is estimated to be 92.96 million Earth miles away. The video first originated from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) which is a US governmental agency.

After this incident, NASA was later called upon—to explain what a black squared “cube” was doing orbiting the Sun back on May 2nd of 2016. This particular image, was captured by the Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft. Ufologists and alien hunters believe, that during this event, this was covered up to hide further evidence of UFO spacecraft accidentally caught on camera.

A blogger by the name of Scott C. Waring was one of the first, to report about this strange covered up black squared “cube”. Apparently, this isn’t the first time NASA has been caught—trying to cover up evidence about UFOs and alien spaceships.

Mysterious black squared cube seen near the Sun

Scott spotted a black patch in a SOHO image of the Sun, back in 2011. From what he had seen, he could tell that the black patch was not a UFO. In conclusion, he mentioned that this was the failed attempt by a NASA technician, trying to hide an alien spaceship orbiting the Sun.

One reader mentioned, that they had seen a tentacle-like ship comparable to what is seen in the video and photos. This formation was seen while heading due east over the Rockies of Colorado. The reader said, that they reported about it and nothing ever happened.

Things like this quite often get covered up and for good reason. A mass panic is estimated to happen, if people knew what was really going on. Our society will certainly change for sure, as aliens would become (if they haven’t already) a part of our world. Can there be peace or will humans undoubtedly wage another war?

The photos and videos are amazing and really it can be argued whether or not they are real. If someone really wants to cover something up, they simply instill doubt to the masses. This is some really interesting UFO footage to look at, especially from so far away.

(Source: UFO@SECTION 51)

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