Friends Record UFO Pyramid Over The Pentagon

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While driving late in the evening on December 19th in Arlington County, Virginia friends recorded an enormous object in the sky, shaped like an Egyptian pyramid. Seen in the distance is the Pentagon, which is located across from the Potomac River in Washington, D.C.

This remains unexplained in its entirety, yet these guys may have captured one of the most spectacular sightings ever in history. The exact time this was recorded isn’t known. Their explanation for recording through their window is, it was cold outside. Perhaps they weren’t thinking clearly either.

It is strange why they didn’t stop and pull of the vehicle seeing something such as this. Suspicions are these guys were out late and had been drinking. The conversation and chosen wording is rather simple, so they likely were tired or half drunk out during this time of night. While the footage is impressive, it is questionable. Perhaps someone else out there captured another video and/or photographs of this UFO pyramid.

Pyramid UFO over Pentagon 2018

The sheer size and scale of this UFO pyramid is quite large, considering the fact that The Pentagon rests on 583 acres of land. The shape of The Pentagon is distinctive for a reason, its original building location was Arlington Farms. The shape and size was used to accommodate this location as well.

One theory is what is seen is part of ‘Project Blue Beam’. This conspiracy type theory, claims that government space agency NASA will implement a New Age religion (with the Antichrist as the leader) and start a New World Order, via a technologically-simulated Second Coming of Christ.

The original video was posted on YouTube by Richard Wilson and his channel. People wonder whether or not this was some kind of glass reflection from an object inside their car. It might be possible but nobody knows yet.

Richard Wilson posted this in the comment section of his video:

“As for location its Washington DC. We were driving near Pentagon city and spotted that thing. It was barely visible I’d say. Scary thing. I mean real big. No real context. Just driving home from a party. Yup only 1 camera, that’s why we were tossing it to each other.”

Brett Johnson from Desert Hounds Productions asked, “Richard please let me share this to my Facebook page, I’m a ufologists out of Los Angeles Ca, I’m in shock right now over what you guys just filmed it’s simply amazing footage. This is not a hologram or project blue beam in my opinion this is the real deal 100%. I wish there was infrared footage of this object that would have been mind blowing. I wonder if the Pentagon even knew about this hovering right over the most secure building in the US, if they did it is so highly classified it will never see the light of day.”

So far, there are a few other videos that have popped up that recorded this also. However, this footage is the best seen yet. Someone out there knows the truth of this, as we all await answers.

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