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Fairy photo London Security Camera

Home Security Camera Captures Flying Fairy

This incident, was documented by MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network). The case number is #90907. This home footage caught..what appears to be an unusually shaped winged creature flying through the air. It happened in...

Strange video from NASA shows UFO mothership refueling at the sun

UFO Mothership refuels next to the Sun

Last year, our Sun played host to what appears to be an alien mother ship of some sort. Seen in the video, the ship appears to be refueling…harnessing the Sun’s energy. The video is...

Alien humanoid on rooftop of Mexico

Alien humanoid recorded on rooftop in Mexico

What is seen in this video, appears to be some sort of pink skinned alien humanoid climbing a rooftop located in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Some people who follow sightings such as this, are convinced...