Virginia woman shoots drone dead

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Sometimes people can be rather territorial with their property. It is a basic instinct to protect both yourself and your surroundings. In reality, nobody owns anything really in this world but their actions. Fortune and fame doesn’t travel with you either into the afterlife. We are all here together—so lets make the most of it while we are still around. In this particular story, this wasn’t the case.


An older woman age 65 named Jennifer Youngman was outside relaxing on her porch when all of a sudden she heard a rather odd noise. It sounded like many bees buzzing around when in fact, it was a drone flying on her property in a rural part of Virginia. As fate would have it—she was cleaning her guns on the porch, it was after church and she was trying to relax. (Gotta love a gun wielding Christian)

Jennifer Youngman

Jennifer said “The next thing I hear is ‘buzz’ as she looked around to see a small drone being operated by several men. They apparently left their car near her driveway. Perhaps she felt like she was being invaded, with this in mind, she took things into her own hands literally. She aimed and squeezed off a round striking the drone dead.

Robert Duvall

Her reason for doing this was simple. It made her angry she said. But this wasn’t her only reason you see her neighbor is actor Robert Duvall. She suspected that they were trying to take photos of him and his property. (She felt like it was the neighborly thing to do)

Previously, people have come through the area trying to find Robert. Jennifer claimed they were trespassing in her airspace. There are cattle here and Mr. Duvall has been harassed before. This was all the ammunition she needed to squeeze her trigger ending the life of the robotic drone machine.

Jennifer Youngman aim

Whether or not this is legal to do is another story, but she admits she has no regrets about it. “You don’t go droning on other people’s property” she said. The two men did in fact get her message as they first started to walk near her but then quickly turned around heading the other way. This southern bell was ready to ring their bells.

“I like the shoot, and I like to kill, so when you cross the line please stand still.” – Jennifer Youngman

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