The man with two faces

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His name is Edward Mordrake and was known as the man with two faces. He lived in the 19th century and actually had a second face on the back of his head. This face wasn’t able to speak or eat—however it would supposedly laugh out loud randomly and even cry sometimes. When Edward was smiling, so did his second face.

One of a number of publications exist featuring Edward Mordrake. The 1896 release Curiosities of Medicine by George Gould is one of them. It was said that his second face would sneer while Mordrake was weeping.

More disturbing was the second face (would whisper terrible things to Mordrake) in the middle of the night. While Edward was plagued by his second face, he did approach several physicians to get rid of his second face. They all refused him mentioning that he wouldn’t survive such a procedure because of the risks involved.

Wes Bentley

The inspiration of the character from season 4 of American Horror Story television series (Played by actor Wes Bentley) was based upon Edward Mordrake. In the series, he committed terrible crimes from his evil sided face. His evil half would do disturbing things to others as those who watched the series know.

Edward endured one of the most dreadful stories in of all humanity. While Edward tried to become noble, he eventually met his demise. Edward tragically took his own life at the ripe at of age 23. It was said that he lived in utter seclusion refusing to visit family and it was unlikely he had any friends.

Edward Mordrake

He was considered a misfit and outcast. He was made as a mockery by many and gawked at with curious stares. It was also said that Edward had a knack for music. He was a naturally talented musician who played piano among other instruments. The rumor was his second face was female—however this wasn’t true because its impossible, as all parasitic twins are of the same sex.

Edward was also featured in the “2 Very Special Cases” a list consisting of “10 People With Extra Limbs or Digits”. This list was a 1976 edition of The Book of Lists. His story lives on and he has become a part of folklore.

While his story is disturbing, it is a reminder that nature can be rather cruel and freakish. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned from this.

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