Faceless Beings Photographed In The Crowd

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Back in late 2018, a rather unusual photograph appeared on a few Facebook user groups. It appears to show two faceless people sitting in a crowd at a sporting type event. Both of them appear to have skin type masks on or do they? Some speculate that these two “people” are not from this world, possibly being alien entities of some sort, manifesting into a human-like form.

Creepy Skin Mask Photograph 2018 Faceless In The Crowd

The photograph remains to be unsolved, yet there is very little information about this strange photo. Both of their faces are completely covered and there is a wrinkle seen in the (mask) worn by the male on the right. If they are indeed wearing masks, how are they able to breath with them on? There appears to be no air holes around their nose. Are they made of a material that is thin enough to still get air? Or, are these masks seen made from some kind of latex?

From what is understood, liquid latex is not 100% solid. Halloween type masks are made of a compound made up from around 58-62%. These include types of filler vulcanizers and non latex type components. When the latex actually cures, some of these liquid components inside the rubber are what cause the latex to shrink.

Generally speaking, the more filler that is added to the rubber mixture used, the stiffer the latex will become and the less it will shrink or feel like rubber. The lower the amount of filler added, the softer the rubber will be, but the higher the shrinkage.

It is speculation but perhaps they are not actually wearing any kind of mask. Something seems off about this in a creepy type of way. Perhaps this is some kind of off-beat prank of some kind but nobody really knows it seems.

Neither of them can be identified from this single photograph, as the features of their faces are completely covered by this skin type surface. While it is believed that we are not alone in the world, these two seen…might be some kind of shape shifting aliens according to some folks.

Something like a single photograph isn’t much to go on. There is a high possibility, that a program such as Photoshop was used – to digitally manipulate what is seen but nobody seems to know for sure yet, what happened on this day.

What is more strange about this is, the other people in the crowd do not seem to even notice them. This makes this even more creepy and unexplained. Some people in the back appear to be wearing sunglasses as well. It would seem this was taken with a bright light source going. No One seems to know where this mystery photo was taken yet either.

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