This Real-Life Wizard Grants Wishes At New York City Subways

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His name is Devin Person and not long ago, he began to see life from a different perspective. Some even consider Devin to be a hypnotist and/or mentor as well as a great listener.

Devin Person Wizard Of New York City

Perhaps his greatest power is how he sees things. Any hapless traveler who crosses paths with him, is in for a real experience. He presents a whimsical and rather fantastical realm of possibilities. 

This wizard of sorts, is making headlines with his vantage point on life, through the use of any means necessary for him. Many people would likely ignore him, if they happen to pass by Devin. But it is their mistake, the bright-eyed bearded man wearing a pointy hat and long flowing matching robe, is truly a sight to behold. 

Devin resides in New York City and often sees many different people from all walks of life. If you find yourself within the tunnels below the city, Devin’s wizardry might be just what you need.

He even grants wishes to those who are open enough to consider it. Devin’s background is a mixed bag. He has embraced the true classic archetype of the wizard in every sense of the word. 

While Devin gets gawked at, he doesn’t seem to mind. He has made interacting with people his life’s ambition, wanting to bring forth a sense of enchantment to those who pass through the city or even live here.

Devin seeks to find magic within the mundane around him. He wants people to embrace things a different way and find fascination and wonderment within our very world.

“It’s a very fun word and archetype to occupy, because if I say ‘wizard’ people have an image in their mind, like a guy with a beard and a pointed hat and magic and there’s this whole thing, and yet there’s a bunch of questions – ‘what is a wizard in the modern world? What do you do? How does that work?’  – their curiosity kicks in,” Person says. “That’s, in a sense, a magic spell. I can say this one word and I cause an internal experience in you and an emotional experience that’s largely associated with curiosity and wonder, and will be a very different experience than if I said ‘lawyer’.”

“I think part of the joy of being a wizard is coloring outside the box,” Person told Euphomet. “I meet certain types of people who are very interested in finding a box to contain ‘wizard’ in. They either want to disprove that I’m a wizard, that that’s not possible, or more commonly, they want to take a box that they’re already familiar with and use that to contain me.”

Perhaps Devin is tapping into some of his inner childhood magic, that still lingers within him. It is a part of him now and he fully embraces it. His spirit is stronger than most it seems. One can’t help but wonder what the future holds for him and those who he has spoken to. 

(Source: Week In Weird)

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