Legend of the Stow Lake Ghost

If you are ever near Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, then you won’t be far from a lake located here known as Stow Lake. If a woman approaches you here in the nighttime, she may well ask you “Have you seen my baby?” You might be in trouble, as answering her question can be a rather tricky one. Answering with “yes” will make her haunt you, while “no” will only anger her—as she tries to drown you in the lake.

Image: Stow Lake ghost by DottorFile on DeviantArt

Image: Stow Lake ghost by DottorFile on DeviantArt

Legend has it, that a troubled ghostly mother, tirelessly searches for her lost baby—believed to have drown in the nearby lake. This legendary ghost tale, has been talked about for years here. Some think that the lady of the lake, is bound here—as she has attached herself to a nearby statue in the area.

There are different incarnations of how the ghost of Stow Lake came to be. One story makes mention of a boating accident, as the young mother quickly jumped overboard, to save her drowning son. However, both of them would die from drowning.

Another story says, that the young teenage mother became pregnant out of wedlock and decided to hide this fact from her family. She then disposed of the baby in the lake. The other version is the mother was on a flat-bottomed boat paddling down the lake. She only took her eyes off her child for a moment, when she noticed that the child was gone. Panicked, she jumped into the lake after them only to never be found again.

Stow Lake ghost

Allegedly, a man was pulled over from speeding back on January 6th, 1908, after being scared to death over what he had seen. The man said he was trying to exit the park, when a mysterious figure blocked his pathway.

He then went on, to describe this figure as being a woman with a white dress who also was barefoot. There was something off about her, as she seemed to glow and his gut feeling was to leave as quickly as possible. This is believed to be the earliest encounter of the ghost of Stow Lake.

There is only one female statue here, often referred to as the Pioneer Mother. (Pioneer Woman and Children) It is believed, that perhaps this statue or possibly others, links the Stow Lake ghost to our world. This statue has aged over time and a white coloring has appeared over it. Some think that this didn’t happen naturally and that at some point, some kind of acid was thrown onto the statue.

Pioneer Mother in Golden Gate Park

More legends include, the statue itself being able to move during the night hours. Quite possibly, the statue is cursed becoming a vessel for the tortured soul to manifest into. Perhaps scarier than this is, the lightening of the bronze coloring—deemed to be some kind of lingering energy left behind. Maybe this might make this legend more life-like.

Now well over a century, many feel and think that Stow Lake is haunted. Numerous encounters over time, record people meeting up with the ghostly woman in white, wandering by the night lake. One encounter mentions another woman having a conversation with a woman dressed in white near the lake. When the woman turned back around, the woman with a white dress was gone.

The Golden Gate Park is quite massive in size. There is about 1,017 acres of park here. It was first administered by the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department back in 1871. The department’s mission was to oversee the development of the Golden Gate Park. Comparably, the park is about 20% larger than Central Park, located in New York City.

The story about the ghost of Stow Lake, still lives on today.

(Source: The Paranormal Guide and Backpackerverse)

Apocalyptic Emergency Alert message broadcast to California residents

Not long ago, (Sept 21, 2017) in Orange County, California, a rather bizarre broadcast took place. For residents here, they quickly noticed this unusual broadcast message. Displaying on their screens, were the words ‘Emergency Alert’ along with an orange/red bar, which was seen at the bottom of their television screens. This series of unusual broadcast warnings, affected Cox and Spectrum pay TV users, according to the Orange County Register.

Many people didn’t know what to make of this at first, as they listened to what appeared to be an apocalyptic type message being announced to them. Some wondered, if this may have been some kind of extraterrestrial invasion of some sort.

As one message broadcast to the viewers, what they heard was rather shocking. The statement was: “Extremely violent times will come.” This certainly started to freak people out rather quickly.

It is believed, that this was an extraction from a Christian radio program—known as “Insight for Living with Chuck Swindoll”. Those who follow both UFOs and Area 51 information, may be familiar with this. The music group Tool, also used a portion of this broadcast message on one of their albums.

The band Tool, used reverb to create the closing track of the 2001 album Lateralus, titled “Faaip de Oiad”. The song’s title, was written in the ‘Enochian’ language. This language originated from several occultists both John Dee and Edward Kelley, back in the 16th century—after they made contact with angels. This makes a reference to the caller’s discussion about extra-dimensional beings, referring to this as the “Voice of God”.

Image: Art Bell 1997 YouTube

Image: Art Bell 1997 YouTube

Radio host Art Bell, received an alleged phone call, from a man claiming to be a former Area 51 employee. While on the phone, this man seemed scared for his life and others—mentioning how major city areas will seemingly be leveled. The broadcast was received during Art Bell’s radio show, back on September 11, 1997.

This video can be heard after being uploaded to YouTube. The terrified, breathless man says:

“Hello, Art? I, I don’t have a whole lot of time. Um, OK, I’m a former employee of Area 51. I was let go on a medical discharge about a week ago and, and… I’ve kind of been running across the country, and I don’t know where to start, they’re, they’re gonna, um, they’ll triangulate on this position really soon.

OK, um, um, OK…what we’re thinking of as, as aliens, they’re extra-dimensional beings that, an earlier precursor of the, um, space program they made contact with. They are not what they claim to be.
Uh, they have infiltrated a, a lot of aspects of, of, of the military establishment, particularly the Area 51.

The disasters that are coming, they, the military—I’m sorry—the government knows about them. There’s a lot of safe areas in this world that they could begin moving the population to now, Art. They are not! They want those major population centers wiped out so that the few that are left will be more easily controllable.”

After this, only a smaller amount of the human population would be left behind to control. From what he claimed, the government knows about this and perhaps even a select group of individuals would be spared in some sort of deal.

It’s still unclear whether the messages were broadcast intentionally or by mere accident. Even in this digital age, signal intrusions by pranksters aren’t unheard of. Apparently, a caller known as “Bryan” later confessed to Art Bell back in 1998. He claimed that the original call was nothing more than a hoax.

Image: Bryan J. L. Glass from YouTube

Image: Bryan J. L. Glass from YouTube

Later, in 2014, comic book writer Bryan J. L. Glass said that he was responsible for the prank phone call to Art Bell. Coincidentally, a satellite outage happened during the phone call, which scared Bryan and listeners of the show. Some speculate that Bryan’s confession, is nothing but a lie and that someone else out there knows something more about all of this.

(Source: Daily Grail and Gizmodo Australia)

You may have alien DNA

In the history of the world, there is still much which is unexplained. Perhaps one of the most puzzling questions, still has scientists baffled. With science, humans have learned there are four different blood types known to mankind.

These are O, AB, B, and A. The reason each of these are classified as being different, is from varying proteins within the human body. There is a mysterious blood type, which is found primarily in people with European heritage. However, there are others from different parts of the world as well, who’s blood lacks the certain RH antigen. These people are known as being RH-negative.

Both sexes are affected equally. However, with pregnant women in particular, and their blood is RH-negative, then her body will simply attack the child. Treatment procedures are given to women, who’s blood type match their child’s as RH-negative. This treatment will subdue the woman’s body, while she is pregnant carrying her child. Otherwise, this means that the mother would naturally try to assault the fetus inside of her.

Alien DNA in humans

With more recent discoveries, it has been learned that those who have RH negative blood, may well be descendants of extraterrestrial (alien) origin. It has long been debated to whether or not, alien human hybrids roam the Earth among us. These people may have alien DNA in them. Studies mention that RH negative blood types, do not have the essential evolutionary gene—as found from rhesus monkeys which most humans seem to have.

It remains a mystery for now, as to why some people have this while others do not. There seems to be a number of people out there who actually have the RH negative blood type.

It is estimated that between 10%-15% of the population around the world has this type of blood. While scientists collect their data, they insist that dating back to 35,000 years ago, this blood type may have been linked to certain tribes and groups from around the world.

A better understanding is taking a look at different populations. In Asia, the population consists of 1%, while in African-American populations there are around about 3%. European people have the highest RH-negative blood type in the world.

Those with RH-negative blood, are typically smarter—having a higher IQ. These people also have green or blue eyes, along with red hair and are more sensitive to heat. They are also more physically and emotionally aware of things going on around them.

Also, their body temperatures are lower compared to other people’s. The question remains, did aliens at some point, visit Earth and give humans RH negative blood? This would help explain those who have undergone abductions as they may have been experimented on. If your blood has the antigen, you are RH positive.

RH negative blood type

About 85% of the population has the antigen and 15% do not. They are considered ‘RH- Negatives’. The following blood types, help to explain peoples personalty traits from their blood:

Type O– You want to be a leader, and when you see something you want, you keep striving until you achieve your goal. You are a trend-setter, loyal, passionate, and self-confident. Your weaknesses include vanity and jealously and a tendency to be too competitive.

Type A– You like harmony, peace and organization. You work well with others, and are sensitive, patient and affectionate. Among your weaknesses are stubbornness and an inability to relax.

Type B– You’re a rugged individualist, who’s straight forward and like to do things your own way. Creative and flexible, you adapt easily to any situation. But your insistence on being independent can sometimes go too far and become a weakness.

Type AB– Cool and controlled, you’re generally well liked and always put people at ease. You’re a natural entertainer who’s tactful and fair. But you’re standoffish, blunt, and have difficulty making decisions.

While all of this is quite incredible to think about, it may unlock more to our understanding of where we came from and where we are going.

(Source: Humans are Free and Bended Reality)

Worldwide UFO sightings reach an all-time high

There has been an astronomically large amount of UFO sightings over the last decade. Compared to the 1980’s, there were less than 5,000 noted sightings. In the 1990’s, the number reached to around 10,000 sightings.

UFO sightings around the world

Since 1990, there has been another 45,000 UFO sightings reported about. Looking at these numbers alone, there is definitely something happening in our skies around the world. Based upon the locations of these sightings, the United States seems to have the highest amount of UFO activity, for whatever different reasons.

The numbers show, that per 10 million people in the United States, there are 2,500 sightings statistically. This is 300 times higher than global median. Of all the areas specifically, the northwestern and northeastern states have filed the overall most sightings per capita.

UFO spotted by two little girls

Apparently, both a brother and sister have collected a large amount of data relating to UFOs. From their findings, they have reached a staggering amount of locations around America. Their findings, have led to a “UFO highway” of sorts, which has mapped out some interesting information.

Brother Chuck Zukowski, soon realized…that many of the cattle mutilations and alien abductions which have occurred, seem to line up along the 37th latitude. After calling his sister Debbie, she noticed the same similarities after her investigations with the Missouri reports.

The brother and sister both believe that the 37th latitude line, is some kind of UFO or paranormal “highway”. The alien spacecrafts that travel through these areas, use these routes to both enter and exist planet Earth.

When Chuck mentioned to the Sun Online, he said: “Back in 2006, I was looking at my cattle mutilation investigations and there were huge similarities between them all—most of them were laying on their right side, they’re laying east to west and then I noticed that lots of them, were on the 37 degree latitude.” (The 37th latitude line runs from California through Nevada, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and across to Virginia.)

“I called my sister at midnight and I said, ‘Didn’t you have cattle mutilations on the 37 degree latitude in Missouri?”

“And she said, ‘Yes’ and we started looking more into it. We soon realized it wasn’t just cattle mutilations – there were all kind of events.”

“We we’re up until 2:30 in the morning, going through all these cases and started seeing these amazing patterns.”

“For the next month or so, I start looking at all these cases and I had all this data,” Chuck then explained.”

“All these GPS co-ordinates, everything from Native American sites to underwater caves.”

“I released it all on my website and I mentioned it during an appearance on the Science Channel’s Unexplained Files—then for the next season of that show they asked me to expand on the theory so I did a whole episode on it for them.”

It seems that life may have actually existed on Mars, as an alleged underground alien base—it is also located along the line. The 37th latitude, may well be some kind of paranormal highway, which runs across the entire continent.

(Source: Fox News)

Paranormal happenings down under

An intriguing photograph has circulated around the internet, displaying what appears to be some sort of apparition—standing behind a cluster of underbrush in Australia. It is rather creepy for several reasons. The man who unknowingly took the photo, is rumored to have mysteriously gone missing. When he took the photograph long ago, he was hiking through a remote part of a forest, not far from Toowoomba, Australia.

Figure in the underbrush of Australia

Here, he stumbled upon a watering hole and decided to take a rest from his long day journey. As the man began to rest here, he had the eerie feeling that something was watching him from a far. His instincts were right. When he returned home, several of the photos he took, looked different from the others. To his shock, he noticed what appears to be some kind of figure—standing behind some fallen brush in the distance.

The figure in the underbrush

The apparition seen, appears to be full bodied. It’s head looks almost alien-like, being shaped comparably to a typical grey alien entity. After the man investigated further, it turns out this location is known to be a hotbed for suicides to happen. It is unknown to whether or not the man was ever found, as his identity was never mentioned.

At this point, it is unclear whether or not—the mysterious figure is that of a ghost or some sort of other entity. If it is a ghostly presence, then it may well have some kind of unfinished business to attend to. Perhaps there is a reason for such paranormal mysteries happening in this area.

Toowoomba sign

Toowoomba is known for being a city in the Darling Downs region of southern Queensland, Australia. This city does have a haunted history behind it. The area boasts attractions such as the Cobb & Co Museum, showing off different horse-drawn carriages and early living nostalgia.

Other attractions include The Royal Bull’s Head Inn, which was built back in the 1800’s. Ravensbourne National Park is here, showcasing towering red cedars and rain forests. Also, nearby Crows Nest National Park, features an eucalypt forest, granite boulders and Crows Nest Falls.

Ghost face in the window Facebook/Toowoomba Ghost Chasers

Ghost face in the window Facebook/Toowoomba Ghost Chasers

According to Toowoomba’s local ghost hunters, many poltergeists live in historic buildings around the city. Some of the other sightings here include, a lady wearing a long grey dress carrying metal keys inside of the Gowrie House. This place is known to be a heritage-listed villa and YWCA hostel. Both staff and visitors have reported hearing the rattling of keys at this location.

Also, a mysterious figure has been seen at the Toowoomba Railway Station. She is best described as being an attractive woman, who wears a long dress and gloves while carrying an umbrella. This ghost is rumored to be Elizabeth Perkins, a woman who died at the station back in 1944.

Maggie Hume

Maggie Hume

There is also a ghostly servant, named Maggie Hume. She committed suicide, by ingesting a lethal dose of strychnine. Now, she haunts the heritage building, originally built in the 1870’s for Frederick Hurrell Holberton, who was a member of the Queensland Legislative Council. It seems that in this region, there are many restless souls stirring around down under.

(Source: news.com.au)