Soviet Children Witnessed Alien Encounter During 1989

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Many people have wondered about the Voronezh UFO incident, which occurred in 1989 in Dalnegorsk, a small mining town in Far East Russia. It was described as a ball of fire in the sky. How did a strange creature emerge from this flying object? 

Speculative yet captivating theories abound – yet no one can be sure what really happened that night. People believe that the Voronezh UFO incident was an alien encounter – an event that still continues to fascinate and intrigue people today. This incident (according to some people) is one of the more impressive alien encounters of all time.

From what is understood, there were a few boys playing football in a nearby city park. It was a typical day for them, until something from out of the sky suddenly appeared. They went on to describe it as a pink glow in the sky. The object in question had a circular ball shape and had a deep red color to it. 

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This ball circled around then miraculously vanished. Not long after, it reappeared a few minutes later only to crash down on Hill 611. These same children (possibly more) witnessed “a three-eyed alien” that was wearing bronze colored boots. Its chest was covered with some kind of disk shaped object. There also was a robot seen with this alien, that exited the UFO spacecraft of sorts. 

The children’s descriptions of the object and the creature are consistent with other UFO reports, and there is no evidence to suggest they were lying. The Voronezig UFO incident remains a mystery, and scientists and ufologists continue to study it further. Since so much time has passed by, finding those who witnessed anything is becoming increasingly more difficult with the current war waging on in modern times. 

The Voronezh UFO incident was investigated by a number of scientists, including Dr. Vladimir Azhazha, a leading UFO researcher in the Soviet Union. Dr. Azhazha interviewed the children who witnessed the incident, and conducted a number of tests on the site where the object was seen.

Dr. Azhazha concluded that the children’s descriptions of the object were consistent with other UFO reports. He also found evidence of radiation at the site where the object was seen. However, Dr. Azhazha was unable to identify the object, or to determine its origin.

The Voronezh UFO incident has been the subject of much popular interest. It has been featured in a number of books, documentaries, and television shows. The incident has also been the subject of much debate and speculation.

Some people believe that the Voronezh UFO incident was a genuine alien encounter. Others believe that the incident was a hoax, or that the children were mistaken about what they saw.

Many people believe that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are real, and have been seen by many individuals over the years. These sightings often make people think that these objects must be aircraft involved in some sort of disaster or falling meteorites. On February 8, 1986, at 8:30 p.m., two more objects flew from the north, in the southward direction. 

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The objects circled the area where a UFO had crashed eight days earlier. Then on November 28, 1987 (Saturday night), dozens of strange looking objects appeared in the sky. Some of these objects hovered above a town while others flew over different settlements. 

There were reports of powerful lights and sounds coming from these objects. None of the eyewitnesses knew for certain what they were seeing, but assumed they might be planes involved in some kind of accident or meteor shower. The speed at which these objects were moving was estimated to be slow but at an altitude of 300 meters. Maybe they were scouting spaceships or something else entirely. 

Typically of course when any country sends off their military forces or other operations they will report back in a designated time period. We can only assume that aliens from another world would have a comparable type system in place. However, they likely would operate in other ways with more sophisticated equipment and knowledge.

Whatever happened during that time in Russia, was one of the most miraculous alien / UFO encounters of all time. It may be linked to other incidents over time with alien visitation encounters documented around the world. Maybe there is more evidence but it was kept a secret for whatever reason.

Source: Pravda

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