Holy Spirits Spotted In The Sky

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Recently, a woman living in Alabama, recorded something many are calling quite remarkable. It seems that Jesus or a figure resembling The Holy Spirit itself, was captured walking inside of a cloud. The video is amazing from a religious perspective. Has The Lord looked down upon the Earth and manifested seen during this moment?

Jesus Seen In The Clouds

Ascending spirits or Jesus? Perhaps even…angels are walking inside of this cloud. It is up for anyone’s interpretation. Whatever these are, they do not appear to be a human. However, the two figures seen, seem to be humanoid by their outer form appearance. Of course those who believe in God, believe they are able to take on any form that they want.

This highly unusual phenomenon, is taking the internet by storm. Two figures can be seen walking or hovering from left to right across this illuminated cloud in the sky. One figure is ahead of the other, one must keep their eyes focused directly on the upper right hand portion of their screen, but they are there.

The woman’s name who recorded this is Solo Dolo. She went outside initially, to record the clouds as a storm was brewing. At the time, Solo was unaware…that she had perhaps captured one of the most important finds in human history, with her camera. Her power went out, as the storm continued to grow across the sky. After she noticed the bright patch of cloud in the horizon, it seemed like there was a hole that opened up.

The storm continued for some time, before the power went out. When she later uploaded the video from her phone, her friend noticed something unusual. Dolo can clearly be heard during the recording saying, “Look at that hole right in the sky. That’s who’s got the power.” She repeats herself several times. Dolo also says, that God must be watching over them.

There are those of course who believe these to be not angelic at all, but something more sinister. Perhaps these are a demonic type presence or some kind of alien type entities. Whatever this was, it surely has stirred up believers and non-believers alike.

One person commented, “If Jesus wants to be seen, he’ll show up on dry land.”

(Source: Disclose TV)

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