Why Blue People Really Exist

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Now this scientifically known condition, is referred to as Methemoglobinemia. This unusual disorder, gives people a blue look to their skin. Dating back to the mid-19th century…medical doctors learned that silver can turn some areas of the skin, along with other body tissues either grey or blue-grey.

The medical term is referred to as Argyria. This happens when the body has been exposed to elements of silver or silver dust. Argyria is a very rare medical condition. The disorder can be inherited or caused by exposure to certain drugs. Anesthetic chemicals found in benzocaine and xylocaine are examples of this.

Paul Karason the blue man

In more modern times, one man became well known for having this rare condition his name is Paul Karason. Before his death on September 23, 2013 he appeared in a number of television interviews. Paul died when he was 62 years old, after suffering a fatal heart attack and stroke.

Paul wasn’t born this way, he gradually turned blue over time from using distilled water with colloidal silver and salt. He also attempted to treat his condition by using a silver salve on his face. Paul suffered from a sinus condition, acid reflux, dermatitis issues among other problems.

While it isn’t confirmed, research points that argyria causes a reduction to the kidneys – along with night vision problems, due to rods in someone’s eyes being damaged. These problems come from exposure to silver dust particles in the ocular region.

Paul was often called “Papa Smurf” for his blue appearance. This was a reference to the cartoon characters created in the 1980’s. They are a fictional colony of small, blue, human-like creatures who live in mushroom-shaped houses within the woods. Papa Smurf, was a featured character in the series.

Early discoveries of blue people are known to originate from Kentucky. In those times, inbreeding was a common problem in the isolated Appalachian region. There was believed to be an entire family from the Appalachia who were tinged blue in appearance.

Blue People of Kentucky

Their ancestors six generations previously, dated back to a French orphan named Martin Fugate who settled in the Eastern part of Kentucky. They would end up living in a place called Troublesome Creek in the mid 19th century. The families skin was blue colored by appearance.

Typically, the population has only 1% of methemoglobin. This type of hemoglobin, is altered from being oxidized. Escientally, it is useless for carrying oxygen in our blood. When levels begin to rise by more than 20%, heart abnormalities and seizures begin to occur, even resulting in death sometimes.

When someone has between 10% to 20% of this, their skin will develop into a blue type color. This is quite unusual and most certainly someone would turn heads, when they go out in public places looking like this.

(Source: Yahoo! and Wikipedia)

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