Phantom Hoodie Men Terrify Travelers in Ohio

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Disturbing sightings about hooded men appearing alongside the roads of Ohio, have made travelers weary. Traveling through some areas at night, can be terrifying being on a lone dark roadway with no one else around. Psychologically, people’s minds begin to play tricks upon them. Perhaps however, they have actually seen something such as a roadside ghost or something else.

It seems there have been sightings of these hoodie men, appearing on highways in Ohio. Working as a subcontractor for the United States Postal Service, Chris Fortofer usually drives his semi-truck between Dayton, Ohio to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Usually, he drives this route, leaving at around 10 PM arriving back to Dayton at around 3:30 in the morning. He has been driving this route for seven years. One evening in May of 2015, Chris was on his way back to Dayton.

He was driving along highway I-70. It was on this road, when he noticed a hooded figure standing near the roadway at around 1 AM. This figure looked like a man standing alongside of the road. They appeared to be moving strangely. There wasn’t much traffic on this night and the weather was calm.

There were only clouds in the nighttime sky. When the lights from his vehicle shined upon this mysterious figure, it seemed to be levitating off the ground. It had no feet or hands either. This humanoid man, appeared to have dark blue jeans on and a dark brown hoodie, with embellished yellow-gold symbols that looked like college fraternity Greek letters.

The Phantom Hoodie Man

When Chris glanced back, he noticed this man had no face just a void of emptiness. Strangely, the right shoulder of this figure, appeared to be flipping back and forth at an incredible speed. Chris mentioned, “If you take your hand and flip it back and forth as fast as you can—it was even faster than that. My hand doesn’t even go that quick. Not to mention how difficult it is to flip a shoulder!”

Thinking quickly Chris noticed another semi-truck behind him. He used his CB radio asking the other driver whether or not they noticed this figure alongside of the road. The other driver replied “No” he saw nothing.

Allegedly, Chris has encounter other things in his life, that were paranormal. It seems odd, that some people seem to channel or attract such forces like this. Perhaps they are more in tune with things on a spiritual type level or vibe.

After seeing this hooded figure alongside of the road, Chris decided to phone his best friend who works at a gas station. They told them about the encounter and really needed to hear a level-headed person who most of the time is calm. Chris may have wondered if he was going crazy.

Several weeks later, while Chris was driving by the same spot, he once again noticed a shadow type persons stepping into the road. They appeared to raise their arm up and Chris noticed he could see directly through this entity’s mouth.

Chris was later asked, if he thought this could have been a college frat student…perhaps playing some kind of prank or some kind of lighting trick was used. He replied, “There was no way that was a solid person standing up to the side of the road. No feet, no hands, and just darkness for the face. It was very creepy.”

Was this some kind of glitch in the matrix? This could have been an inter-dimensional traveler of some kind. Whatever it was, it is something that Chris will never forget. Ohio remains to be one of the most active paranormal states in America. Numerous different sightings, have been reported about including ghosts, UFOs and more.

Chris Fortofer Phantom Hoodie Man sketch

This is a sketch that Chris Fortofer made, describing what he had seen.

(Source: Visionary Living)

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