Vampiric ways

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People have believed for many years that there is something lurking within the darkness. What will the night bring? Maybe something entirely new will soon arrive. There are so many tales of wandering soulless creatures who survive from feeding off the living.

The origination of these creatures dates back to stories of Vlad the Impaler—also known as Dracula who existed back in the early 1400’s. He also was the second son of Vlad Dracul who later became the ruler of Wallachia in 1436. Since then, the world has drastically changed and with it a new era of blood craving ghouls are born. They are destine to tap into the underbelly of society within the refuge of underground guild-like societies.


More about Vlad HERE.

Some people have taken measures into their own hands by becoming Nosferatu themselves. A number of people do actually practice vampiric ways. Being a blood thirsty vampire and having immortality does bring its own burden. Those who want to takes things further, have had their teeth altered and do actually drink blood. What kind of blood they drink is optional.

The reason for this is simple, nourishment. There are a number of beliefs including the need to supply oxygen to their body since actual vampires in mythology are known to not breathe as they are already dead and have thereby been reborn into something else entirely.

Often these people are sworn to secrecy among a cult of sorts. Sometimes these cults can turn upon their own with sacrificial offerings of one another. What they may do behind closed doors is anyone’s best guess. When people go missing sadly they may have been victim to such a monstrosity. In history, people did believe that vampires are/were undead due to the body decomposing from fluids being forced out of any available orifice of the body.

Vampires have their weaknesses such as being in direct sunlight and being slain from a stake driven through their heart. Often they also don’t have any reflection in front of mirrors and are vulnerable to a holy crucifix, Decapitation has often been seen in movies as another riddance of them. Signs such as long fingernails are associated with vampires as well. They have been rumored to having the ability to shape shift into animals such as wolves and bats among others.


What does the future hold for vampires? The crystal ball is unclear but perhaps they will be one of the last humanoid survivors of Earth. Below is a proclaimed modern day vampire who shares their opinion on being one. They call themselves a vampire, but in actuality they practice what is known as sanguinarian vampirism. This does involve drinking blood and the use of psychic abilities.Their lifestyle is considered alternative and for them it is a spiritual existence however their practices can include elements of the sadomasochism subculture.

A vampires tale in Styria
Reincarnated as Dracula

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