Organic Burial Pods, A New Concept For Death

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When someone dies, most usually they are buried inside of a coffin. This typically ranges between a burial distance anywhere from 1.5 to 12 feet deep. There are certain jurisdictions that apply to certain locations. The standard size for someone to be buried in a casket is 84 inches long, 28 inches wide and 23 inches tall. Typically, although there are exceptions, these sizes are used when a standard casket is placed in cemeteries.

Capsula Mundi Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel burial pod trees

What if however, people began to be buried inside of a biodegradable pod, that actually transforms the body of the deceased into that of a tree? Certainly this concept is quite unusual, but is already in the works. The idea was created by Italian husband and wife team Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel. Both of them are designers and want to change the way we are remembered in this lifetime. Their passion for this, comes from their loves of trees.

The company Capsula Mundi, has partnered with both Anna and Raoul. They are hoping to get legislation changed regarding how people are buried upon their death. If this takes off, these eco-friendly burial pods will begin being used.

For now, these pods are merely a concept. The theory is, these biodegradable burial pods will quite literally turn a person’s remains into nutrients for a tree. This tree, will grow from them directly above the pod. Family and friends, can then come to water their loved ones tree in remembrance of their lost one.

Capsula Mundi burial tree pods

The process begins with someone being encapsulated into a fetal position first, then they will be placed inside the burial pod. This pod will be comparable to earth art. The biodegradable pod is designed to be Eco friendly, unlike how coffins are used today. A tree seed is used and placed directly above the burial pod. The pod provides the nutrients the tree needs to grow over time.

Biodegradable bio pod memory forest

In Italy, it is against the law to bury someone like this. When if ever this is allowed, the goal will be to create cemeteries filled with trees instead of tombstones. Think of a typical cemetery being converted into that of a “memory forest”. One source of life, will ultimately spark another to continue on in this world.

Now, when people come to these memory forests, they will be greeted with a forest trees and the promise of newfound life instead of a spooky cemetery. Loved ones will continue on, caring for these trees as they seek comfort from beneath their shade.

(Source: Earth Porm)

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