Japanese girl casts ghostly reflection

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This video footage shows what appears to be a little Japanese girl looking at herself in the mirror. Why she cast such a strange reflection is mind boggling. It seems that the girls reflection is some sort of spirit, whether or not it is a good one, is another story altogether.

Though it is difficult to understand (if anything at all) which is said, the Japanese man is heard muttering something afterwards. Someone mentioned that the narrator cues—when the girl should look into the mirror. After this, the mirror casts the girls ghostly reflection.

One can only guess, it is about her reflection and what was seen on camera. Some have mentioned that this, is nothing more than some sort of trick mirror used. While anything is possible, it isn’t known for sure, what exactly her reflection was doing.

Japanese ghost in the mirror

Was this some sort of warning? Or, perhaps a child’s spirit captured throughout space in time, trying to get out. At first, the girl is seen brushing her hair in the mirror. She then turns away from her mirrored reflection. Whatever is inside the mirror, then stares back at her out of sync. This eerie reflection of herself then continues to stare her down. Camera tricks do happen, but this one, is pretty weird to say the least.

Some think this is for real, while others dismiss it as fraudulent. The video has been floating around for a while and many think it is questionable. The little girls mother, said she got the mirror from her acquaintance long ago and that the mirror is very old. It makes you wonder where she got the mirror and who it may have belonged to.

Ghosts are known to attach themselves to objects before passing into the next realm. It is possible this spirit is that of a young child or woman who hasn’t moved on yet. The ghost as many believe has unfinished business to attend to. The mirrored face seen looks to be deformed in some way and although its difficult to see, the eyes seem dark black in color.

Strange mirror reflection Japanese girl

The quality of the clip also comes into play, making it tough to notice every detail without using sophisticated rendering software. Mirrors are believed to be gateways to other worlds. They have been seen in movies and television with people transporting themselves to other places in time. Perhaps whatever was on the other side of this mirror, was trying to get into ours.

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