Gypsy eyes may be watching you

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3 eyed gypsy

There are many myths about them, they are known to be manipulative in their ways and equally dangerous. However, not all of them are bad per say. Gypsies are stereotyped to live in caravans and thrown big fat lavish weddings. They are believed to be ignorant, living in the streets, stealing from strangers and setting up elaborate scams. While certainly these things can happen, all gypsies aren’t out for vengeance and ready to curse anyone they cross paths with them.

Through DNA research, European gypsies trace back to Northern India. They stem from the many invasions which happened there. From this, these people were forced to flee into parts of Persia, Turkey, Greece, Europe, Spain, Russia, Finland, Egypt and Morocco.

They have since become the worlds largest ethnic minority group. An estimated 12 million gypsies are living across parts of the world, with most of them living in areas of Europe overall at around 10 million people. The country of Turkey, has the highest population of gypsies at around 2.7 million. Romania isn’t too far behind with 1.8 million living there. It is believed that upwards of around 6 million gypsies, speak Romani (romani ćhib) Romani or Romany.

Gypsy crystal ball

Quite often, fortune telling is associated with gypsies—as they gaze into their crystal ball, speaking to weary strangers as they search for answers. These does bring forth a sense of wonderment, as many want to know simply the answers to their own destiny. People are always searching for truth, as they seek out fortune tellers, to point them into the right direction. Most of the time, these people are nothing more than con artists, keeping people coming back to empty out their wallets.

One person shared their experience with a gypsy. While living in London, there was an encampment of gypsies living not far from a pub they would haunt. There was a family of gypsies who stopped here for a meal, and the very next day, this man learned what happened. There were several gypsy women and their children who were both tired and hungry from their travels.

The pub was busy that evening and the children went to play in the beer garden nearby. Both of the women, ordered their drinks inside the pub. One of the children, decided to take a crap in the bushes. This garden was small, so everyone inside the pub—could have seen this, as the child was clearly in plain view of everyone.

The other child decided to start throwing stones at the customers inside the pub. While this was all happening, their food arrived at the table. One of the gypsy women, said she ordered something else. This was a more than likely a scam setup, to avoid having to pay.

The owners of the pub wouldn’t stand for this and an ensuing argument then happened afterward. Dishes and food began to fly around everywhere as the gypsy women were clearly angry, as well as the owners. Glasses began breaking against the walls of the room everywhere. The police were phoned and arrived later but it was too late, as the damage was done.

The gypsy women then threatened the owners, saying they would return to the place with gunfire. People who live nearby the pub reported vandalism. Their garden gnomes went missing or were broken, shutters were damaged and tools were also missing from their private property. Not long after, there was an eerie animal howling coming from the streets. As it turns out, the police patrol station attendant near this area, was kicked to death by a group of gypsies leaving them for dead in the streets.

Gypsies can be both kind and hateful. It is wise to keep your wits about you while traveling…as you never know who could be watching.

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