Abducted 64 year old woman transforms into an alien human hybrid

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Woman Claims Abduction Turned Her Into an Alien Hybrid

A woman named Judy Carroll from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia—claims that she was abducted by aliens. She is 64 years old and said that she was in contact with what are known as Grey aliens. It all started for her back in the year 1983.

As difficult as it to believe, she began telepathically communicating with another species from beyond the stars. What began as telepathic type communications, quickly evolved into a more physical type of a connection.

Carroll mentioned that these extraterrestrials, took her on board a spaceship. It was the first time, this incident happened to her. While there, she witnessed the incredible. These aliens known on Earth as Grey’s, seemed to have taken a specific interested in her. She then described three different alien beings, which stood over top of her.

Judy Carroll with Grey alien statues

What they looked like, were thin-bodied having no moving mouth, and large teardrop-shaped eyes. Carroll’s husband, said that he witnessed an alien hovering over Carroll while she was meditating. Further details about her encounter on this ship, revealed that she has/had a soulful relationship with an alien teacher named Maris. This extraterrestrial has shown her another way to heal and has since cured a throat problem she once had before.

This throat disorder she suffered from previously, may be from her changing. She now feels different from her otherworldly encounters. Carroll said that while she was still in the womb of her mother, her DNA had been changed. She was upgraded to far more than just another human being. While aboard this mystery UFO ship, she also witnessed other humans who were being worked on.

Perhaps this sort of explains other alien encounters people have reported about. This also takes into account, some of the missing people that simply vanish without a trace. Later, they simply re-appear on Earth. They sometimes appear at different locations from where they once went missing from before.

Often these visitations would happen monthly for her. She was instructed by the alien named Maris to continue her meditative practices. While in communication with Maris, she continues to embrace this new side of her. The alien side of her strengthens more and more.

Judy Carroll

Carroll now states, that she has since started both a website and has different written books. This was done to help other abductees and hybrids deal with their newfound conditions. This includes their memories and experiences while on board the alien spacecraft. The website has since become a source of information regarding the Grey aliens, also known as Zetas.

She channels her communication with the aliens and posts the information on her site. Her husband is quite understanding as he stands by what she thinks and feels. Perhaps she is onto something and can bring humanity more information about us and our future. Skeptics of course doubt her story and her cause.

Carroll’s website can be found HERE and her book HERE.

These three beings stood over me and we had a long communication where they told me I would learn to meditate in order to stay in touch with them, and help communication between them and us [humans].

I don’t always remember as I’m taken during sleep, but I do have many conscious memories too.

I remember him massaging my neck and putting his long fingers in my mouth and down my throat, where I said I was tight.

(Source: Mysterious Universe)

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