Strange sun flare recorded by webcam in Spain

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Strange sun flare recorded by webcam in Spain

Seen pulsating on a web camera video recording in Spain recently, was a most unusual flare flash of light. It appears that the sun isn’t being recorded very well—with this ladies video device initially. But perhaps it was capturing something else entirely.

From what is known, this lady observes both the sunset and sunrise all the time out their window. Only this time, they observed something quite different indeed. What they did this time (with their phone) was to record their iPad device. To her surprise, this footage to make it was across the internet as people now still speculate what it might have actually been.

The webcam is stationary, as seen in the video playback. On the time stamp on the video, it displays the date 04/16/2017. The movement seen on the image playback, is from her recording it back with her phone.

Strange sun flare flash recorded by webcam in Spain

The sun itself doesn’t seem to have a yellow hue coloring to it, instead it appears to be that of a bright white color. This seems rather odd as well. The sun seems to go berserk briefly before settling down. While the quality of this footage isn’t perfect, it is good enough to distinctly see something happening in the sky and a black dot getting smaller.

While she recorded this, no official governmental notifications about this were ever reported. However, the country of Spain is well equipped with enough technology regarding UFO and extraterrestrial sightings such as this. It is puzzling that nobody else from this country or others have come forward with information about this event, which happened back on April of 2017.

Roque de los Muchachos Observatory

Located in La Palma, Canary Islands, Atlantic Ocean (Island is part of Spain) is a large facility which hosts some of the world’s most powerful telescope technology. This area is known as Roque de los Muchachos Observatory. Here, the world’s largest largest single-aperture optical telescope exists (the 10.4 m Gran Telescopio Canarias) since July of 2009.

During the playback at 2:45, an object that appears to be a bird—is seen in the sky along with a long streak to the right. The lady also claimed that some weird static starting happening while she was filming all of this.

One would think, that someone else out there would have captured some kind of recording. (aside from this anonymous woman) Perhaps this is something simple—such as camera setting, but many are speculating more about it. This is quite interesting webcam footage to look at. Maybe someone else out there may have more video of this strange night of wonder.

(Source: MrMBB333)

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