Doctor encounters miracles

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Dr. Chauncey Crandall

We all speculate about what happens next. When we are gone from this world there are many different theories. People think we become reincarnated into something else entirely. There are some subtle signs this could be a possibility. In certain moments, animals seems far more intelligent than what is currently known. Sometimes they seem like they understand far more than we might initially realize. Were these animals once humans?

Many do believe in a place known as Heaven. It is where our divine creator known as God is. The biblical stories written in the scripture of the bible tell of many different tales. Although this book was passed down by mankind, it certainly makes for a good read. Whether or not it is true, is another story entirely. Heaven is the abode of God, the place of angels and the place of judgment for every woman, man and child.

Others believe we may actually be descendants of aliens from another world entirely. Perhaps they even created us as some speculation and evidence points to this—from ancient drawings and text. What does someone need to believe in? Each one of us have our very own opinion, we usually stay focused on our set beliefs though they may change as we get older.

Dr. Chauncey

With this said, an interesting story follows. A man named Dr. Chauncey Crandall has been researching for over 30 years into the supernatural. He is a leading cardiologist who actually prays and the dead seemingly return to life.

Patients discuss what they witnessed after dying and being shortly in heaven. Dr. Crandall mentions that he even has had God tell him what procedures to perform. These rather astonishing detailed descriptions his patients give while being in the afterlife are extraordinary. On October 20th, 2006 a middle-aged auto mechanic named Jeff Markin went into the emergency room only to collapse later from a massive heart attack.

Over 40 minutes passed by, he was declared dead. Yale-educated Dr. Chauncey Crandall then felt something strange happen. He proceeded to turn around and pray for his patient Jeff Markin. After his prayer, Jeff Markin returned to life and is alive and well today.
Dr. Crandall claims that he can actually feel and see what they see. Is he connected to a higher power? Or, does he have a supernatural ability to actually heal people bringing them back to life?

More details are available in his books found here:

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