Peruvian tomb robbers recover alien remains

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Found in the country of Peru several years ago, was a small stature d alien looking being. This country is known for its lush rain forests. This includes Machu Picchu the ancient Incan city—located in the Andes mountains. The surrounding region of Machu Picchu, consists of the Sacred Valley, Inca Trail and colonial city of Cusco, all of which are rich archaeological dig locations.

Peru alien mummy recovery

How this small mummy found its way to scientists is unknown. However, how it was discovered is. Apparently, Peruvian tomb robbers randomly found a burial site. It is there when they started to dig around and found this rather amazing discovery.

The Nazca region itself, is home to various tombs with remains of the ancient Inca civilization. Other important discoveries include the Nazca Lines, that are located in the southern part of Peru. These lines are believed to be pre-Columbian geoglyphs that were etched into the desert here.

The Nazca Lines

There are roughly around 300 different figures carved into the sands—which include enormous animal and plant depictions. All of these etchings cover nearly 387 square miles. The Nazca lines or glyphs stretch 98 feet wide and upwards of 5.5 miles long. The carved figures in the sand, can be seen from the air or tall hilltops nearby.

Numerous scientific teams and archaeological expeditions have made there way through this region. Fairly often, the mummies which are found are first seen wearing clothing and sitting in an upright position. The assumption is, these people were once of important social status within the Inca society.

The process of removing the ground sediment, has revealed a more lighter-colored dirt underneath. There is so much still undiscovered. Unfortunately, grave robbers and tomb hunters have taken a part of history with them—which still has left many questions to linger behind.

Alien Project Peru alien corpse

When these tomb robbers found this bizarre mummy that remained—they immediately noticed that this small skeleton was not of human origin, it looked very different physically. This was no animal either. They knew it was of some kind of value.

So, the small skeleton was then placed upon the black market. Eventually, French archaeologist Thierry Jamin found out about this strange skeleton and wanted to obtain as many of these types of remains as possible.

Thierry Jamin has a crowd sourced project simply known as the Alien Project. This project’s divine purpose is to learn more about otherworldly origination’s and findings. After convincing others, the skeleton was acquired and later tested for DNA evidence of alien origin, from different independent laboratories.

Alien Project Peru alien

The final results determined that whatever this skeletal remain was, it may not be human but something else entirely from its origination. The remnants may well affect the history of the world and the people of South America. More questions remain, including whether or not people actually migrated to the Western Hemisphere from Europe or the Middle East centuries earlier.

Perhaps there may well be an extraterrestrial connection to all of this, but public ally not much has been said about it yet. More research will more than likely continue to determine even more. People are anxious to learn the results of these tests. Several videos have been posted on the Alien Project YouTube channel.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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