Mysterious dark mirror becomes part of traveling paranormal museum

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Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews

What seemingly appears to be another mirror isn’t. Paranormal researchers and traveling haunted object specialists Greg Newkirk and his wife Dana Matthews—have searched far and wide for strange items and places. Together, they are quite the dynamic duo. Each of them bringing their own perspective to the table.

Seen below, Greg is holding an unusual dark mirror, this mirror has a haunted history behind it. He admits to never seeing anything else quite like it in his life. The infamous mirror, has turned true skeptics into real believers.

Greg Newkirk with Dark Mirror

Greg has been tracking down unexplained paranormal mysteries for over 17 years, including many different cryptozoological monsters. His wife Dana, originally founded one of the world’s all-female paranormal investigation teams.

Shows such as the X-Files fascinated and inspired Dana growing up. Both of them have appeared on various television series, including TLC’s Paranormal Lockdown, Kindred Spirits, Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot among others.

Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews Week in Weird

Together, both Dana and Greg formed The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult. This traveling roadshow, brings haunted objects to the masses. Both of them, have traveled around in different places and have met some rather interesting characters along the way.

The dark mirror, inevitably became a part of their traveling museum exhibit show. They were approached long ago by a woman, who wishes to remain anonymous. This woman’s mother obtained the mirror from a yearly Psychic Expo. After taking a keen interest in this rather unusual mirror, she decided to buy it.

Dark mirror The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult

The use for a mirror such as this, is for scrying. Dating back to the 10th century, people used crystal balls, water bowls and mirrors to glimpse into the future. Often, they would use these items to make predictions, communicate with the dead or even to cast different spells. The dark glass of the mirror, is used to encourage someone to fall under a trance of sorts.

Not having luck with the mirror, the lady’s mother became further withdrawn from others—meanwhile trying to perfect her divination skills by using the mirror. However, there was something not right with this mirror. One day, this woman went to check on her mother, only to find her quite upset.

Her mother went over to the closet, reaching for the mirror which was draped in a black veil. The woman asked her mother why the mirror was kept inside the closet. She simply said it was “evil”. The woman then took the mirror, wrapped in cloth and took it with her. Clearly, her mother was upset over it. Eventually, the mirror was donated to The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult.

Back in June of 2015, a woman approached the museum booth table and let loose a loud “hell no!”. This woman grabbed the mirror and ripped off the veil. After glancing at it for a mere thirty seconds or so, the expression on her face drastically changed. She was in shock and terror as she kept looking into this strange mirror.

Greg asked the woman: “So, what did you just see?”

The woman there then replied: “I saw my own decomposing corpse looking back at me,” she stammered. “That’s a dark mirror. I should not have done that. I need to go say a prayer. Excuse me.”

This mirror from then onward, was known as the Dark Mirror. Only a few people at the event, were brave enough to try the mirror for themselves after the incident. Those who looked into the mirror, only noticed their reflection. However, a few others gazed upon something else entirely.

As the mirror made its way to the next show, some people reported an intense feeling of dread, headaches and one woman recalled the feeling and taste of blood filling her mouth. Others reported about this mirror, radiating an intense electrical energy as well. Greg and Dana continue to monitor cursed items such as this on the live video feed from their site Week in Weird. The mirror remains a mystery.

(Source: Week in Weird)

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