Sacrificed by shadow people, three students go missing

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Shadow People Last Known Footage of Sarah McCormick 2017

A group of students decided to make a documentary about shadow people. Afterward, all three of them simply disappeared. There were no traces of them found, as police search for clues. Shadow people are a controversial topic. Many people have made mention of them over time. Mostly, they have been included in ghost type stories.

When someone lays in bed at night, they can sometimes see a shadowy figure approach them or hover over them. These moments, are believed to stem from several physiological and psychological conditions.

Known as sleep paralysis, the person perceives an in-distinctive shape standing before them. More than likely, they think of it as something evil—meaning them harm. However, some think that the opposite is true. They may be shadowy protectors, that simply cannot be seen by the light.

The person seeing such things, becomes overwhelmed with great emotion. As they lay in bed, they cannot move and are paralyzed by their fears. Sometimes these shadow figures can seemingly appear from a closet or out from under a bed. From what is known, shadow people and shadow men are ghostly apparitions that lurk in the darkness waiting to strike when someone falls into a deep slumber.

Shadow people missing people report

Back in June of 2016, Sarah McCormick 23, Kyle Miller 27, and Joseph Moore 28 all went missing during their trip from Florida to Tennessee. The setup of this, is comparable to other found footage movies. Video was discovered outside of the abandoned Yost home.

What is seen next, is the crew in their final crucial moments. There are a number of anomalies discovered and the police were completely baffled by them. A mysterious shadowy figure that is seen, just before the students all go missing.

Sarah McCormick 23

Sarah’s parents desperately want answers, but there isn’t anything to be found yet. The police make mention of Sarah and her camera crew all vanishing. Cameras were placed at the location to document any unusual activity. It seems that someone or something else was caught on camera, by mere accident.

Supernatural forces are believed to be held responsible for these three young people. The crew is seen briefly documenting and wandering around the premises. They weren’t supposed to be inside, but went in anyway, to set up cameras in an effort to investigate. Video was recovered more than 30 days later.

If anyone has any further information, the police are still searching for answers. It remains a mystery and unsolved case—until more information comes available. There are more than 90,000 documented disappearances in the United States alone.


(Source: Golden State Haunts)

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