Alien humanoid recorded on rooftop in Mexico

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Alien humanoid on rooftop of Mexico

What is seen in this video, appears to be some sort of pink skinned alien humanoid climbing a rooftop located in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Some people who follow sightings such as this, are convinced that this is the real deal. Meanwhile, some think this humanoid creature—to be that of a Slender Man captured on video, as it has some of the same dimensions.

The Slender Man originates as a supernatural character, originally from an internet meme previously created by Eric Knudsen (also known as “Victor Surge”) back in 2009. Often this character has been depicted as a tall, unnatural looking man with a featureless face who wears a dark suit luring children and even some adults into the wilderness with them.

Allegedly, this humanoid alien (in the video) hears a sudden screech coming from behind it, as it then quickly wanders away. Apparently, the owners of the home (who wish to remain anonymous) recorded this footage. Originally, Brazil Weird News picked up this story, mentioning the location was somewhere in the outskirts of Nuevo Laredo city.

Alien humanoid on rooftop of Mexico moving

The ranch styled home owners, kept hearing unusual sounds coming from outside. They then decided to investigate what was happening. At some point, they grabbed their camera and began recording this mysteriously freaky looking creature. While the video isn’t perfectly clear, it is good enough to make out some of the details.

Of course many believe this to be CGI, fake and just another hoax. While anything is possible, it may well be video evidence of something otherworldly caught on camera phone. Perhaps this extraterrestrial was simply observing humans up close and personal.

The Mexican television channel El Manana first posted the video on YouTube and ever since it has been floating around the internet. Whatever this odd looking entity is, it has since captured our imaginations.

There has been a considerable amount of activity, that has happened in the country of Mexico regarding aliens and UFOs in recent years. Is there more happening in this part of the world than we know?

Some strange things about the video, the alien humanoid has an extremely small-sized head. The video doesn’t appear to have any editing done to it. All of the video seen is one long scene. No animation or transitional type of effects seemed to be used either. This gives it some weight for being authentic. The audio is in Spanish and seems to show whatever this is climbing around rather seamlessly.

From UFO Sightings Daily, Scott C. Waring was rather intrigued from what the video seems to show.

He mentioned: “Mexico is the most active country in the world for UFO and alien sightings. No one knows why, but we do suspect there are many alien bases below most of Mexico’s volcano’s.”

(Source: UFO Casebook and Mirror)

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