After Eating About 50 Boiled Eggs, A Man Died In India

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It started off as a bet and quickly turned deadly for one man living in India. His name is Subhash Yadav and he lost his life at 42 years old.

It happened in the area of India’s Uttar Pradesh state. As part of a dumb bet, his friend dared him to eat 50 boiled eggs. The bet unfortunately ended his life and many are left scratching their heads over it. 

Subhash Yadav died on Monday the 3rd. Both he and his friend went to the Bibiganj market located in the Jaunpur district. The bet was for 2,000 rupees which is about $28 dollars in US currency.

Hard boiled eggs

After accepting the bet, Yadav began to down the eggs one right after the other. He sat down and kept eating them from a vendor at the marketplace. People gawked at him as each egg was eaten. 

However, after he began to eat the 42nd egg, Yadav began to feel sick. He then suddenly fell into a deep unconsciousness. The locals in the area reacted quickly and brought Yadav to the local district hospital. 

Despite the doctor’s best efforts, Yadav never regained consciousness. Not long after this, he was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of death was believed to be from overeating. His body simply couldn’t handle the intake of so many eggs. Doctors were shocked by his demise.

These boiled eggs together weigh about six pounds. That is a lot for anyone to handle in their stomach. Even a famous scene from the 1967 Hollywood classic “Cool Hand Luke”, starring Paul Newman demonstrated the ridiculousness of this. 

This isn’t the first time someone has died from eating so many eggs. Back in 2013, a woman known as “Big Shaz” Dixon ate a number of eggs. She was eating them as part of a contest in  the Wellington Arms pub in Grimsby, UK.

One of the eggs she swallowed too soon and then began to choke. She lost her life from this contest that was setup. It was a competitive eating type contest. 

Doing stunts like these is not only foolish but might even kill you. Those interested should think twice about doing something like this.

(Source: Oddity Central)

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