Halfy the Half-Head man

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half head man

He goes by several names, but most people know him best as Half-Head man (Halfy). Carlos Sousa aka Carlos Rodriguez is his given name. Carlos (Halfy) was in a terrible accident which happened to him long ago in Miami, Florida. He was under the influence of several drugs and hit a telephone pole dead on. Carlos was then thrown out of the car through the front window shield.

He landed on his head, the impact was devastating to say the least. Carlos jokes about it and has certainly gained a lot of attention over it. But he says “That’s why its’ no good, drinking and driving or being on drugs while driving. No good kids. No good.” He became internet famous back in 2010 when his caved-in skull got people talking. Halfy still smokes blunts by the river where he lives. He also talks to fans every now and then.

Carlos Rodriguez

This photo was taken when he was booked for soliciting a prostitute. The mugshot style photo got released and immediately people couldn’t believe what they were seeing. This man couldn’t be alive could he? The Miami New Times first reported on the story.

Carlos caught momentum on YouTube. He even has a channel going by the name Halfy. It seems he resurfaces sometimes back into the spotlight.

Deciding to do something positive with his misfortune, he briefly became a spokesman for an anti-drug campaign. He leads a fairly normal life thanks to neuron-plasticity—his brain is able to function enough to take control of the lost brain functions he had once before. Our brain is quite flexible and will adapt itself accordingly. This ever evolving process keeps us functioning well.


We only use a small percentage of our brains overall yet many parts do have a specific functionality. The areas originally which were used, have now been lost from the accident. The brain doesn’t depend on all of this particular brain tissue.

People have roughly between 50,000-70,000 thought processes a day. This translates into 35-48 thoughts each minute per person. The filtering flow between our thoughts and feelings is separate between our head and heart.


Halfy isn’t the only person to walk around like this in their life. A British man named Alan Hind also suffered a great accident, losing part of his head as well. (The right side)

Carlos wanted to do something good with the situation however he turned back towards the drug life, smoking and drinking.

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