Family Outraged Over Ouija Board Use In Classroom

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One mother was completely outraged over the use of a Ouija Board inside her 5-year-old son’s classroom in Zablocki Elementary School in Milwaukee. According to (WISN) ABC News, the mother along with her family and friends, were upset over this incident. The teachers intentions were misguided it seems, especially for children around this age.

This incident took place back on a Friday and officials from the school district, looked into this. The anonymous mother, said her son is scared to go to bed at night and is afraid of being in the dark. Likely this is nothing more than the child’s overactive imagination. But this could be something else entirely, since the news report aired.

All4tubekids Ouija board

Anytime someone messes around with an Ouija Board, there is always a chance that something else could be contacted unintentionally or not. These items have become a tool for contacting spirits, demons and more.

The Ouija Board, originally was far more innocent with its origination. Originally, the board was made by the William Fuld company. In recent times, Hasbro sells this board as a type of gaming board.

There are rules that come with a board like this. The intended rule set was supposed to be followed by its players, allowing their imaginations to take over ultimately. As time has passed by, the Ouija Board is no longer used just as a game.

Being able to contact spirits is the real reason most people are buying a board like this. Communicating with the wrong type of spirits can ultimately affect one’s life. Not all spirits are bad per say, but there are some spirits that may enter your life that you simply don’t want to.

It is best to be wise and prepared for what might come, if curiosity ever got the better of you. The best advice is to be cautious when approaching something like this.

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