Decomposing Body Leaks Below Into Thai Restaurant Kitchen

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When we go out to eat, we often think about enjoying ourselves with the atmosphere of the restaurant we are at. It is good to sit down and relax with family and friends.

However, what if you ate at a restaurant that had a dead body leaking fluids into it? Certainly anyone would be grossed out leaving the place, after contacting the authorities. 

Luckily, one nearby neighbor decided to check on a tenant living in the building. As it turns out, a man died in the apartment above and his body began decomposing. It sometimes really is a weird world after all. 

From what is understood, blood began dripping into the kitchen area of the restaurant. A police officer named Ryan Wilder went to check in on a missing person in the area.

It wasn’t long before one of the employees working there, mentioned to them about a strange liquid dripping from the ceiling above. The officer responded to the bizarre call from Windsor, Connecticut back in the month of May. 

One of the neighbors mentioned that she had not seen her neighbor for several days and she was getting concerned about what might have happened to them. 

Siam Corner Thai Kitchen is where this incident took place. After a while, the odor began to build up in the kitchen and had people wondering what exactly it was. The liquid was discolored  and began to drip down. 

“I went into the restaurant and discovered a reddish brown substance dripping from the ceiling located behind the front counter of the restaurant,” Officer Wilder’s incident report explained. “It appeared that the dripping substance was possibly blood.”

Officer Wilder approached the man’s door but there was no answer. After a while both Wilder and another officer climbed into the residence through an unlocked window.

Once inside, they discovered the remains of the man who died. Most certainly, the place reeked from the decaying body inside. The man died in his bed and apparently began to decay there for several days.

He apparently died of natural causes and medication was discovered by his bedside including blood pressure pills. Eventually, a bio-hazard company arrived at the scene to begin doing remediation in the apartment. 

The location was closed for a while for renovations. Ironically, the death of this man wasn’t the only cause to close down Siam Corner Thai Kitchen, the building was discovered to have flaws in its structure. This was found from the blood leaking through the walls.

(Source: All That’s Interesting)

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