Tree damaged by storm resembles the White Lady ghost

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White Lady ghost in tree Rochester New York

Was it nature or something supernatural that happened recently in Rochester, New York? Regardless, some people are now stopping by to see a tree—that resembles the spectral shape of the White Lady. The history about her, dates back decades. The location of where this estranged tree is found—can be seen in Durand-Eastman Park.

White Lady ghost in tree Rochester

Heavy winds apparently stripped away large pieces of bark from this tree, forming a most unusual shape. The eerie damage to the tree is naturally done and definitely not the work of a would/wood be prankster. The legend of the “White Lady” is rumored to be that of a ghostly woman, who previously lived at three Lakes Pavilion. (also known as the White Lady’s Castle)

Crumbling remains from a structure that sits near Lake Ontario, is where the story originates. The White Lady had her daughter taken away from her by a kidnapper. It was believed that her daughter was then murdered afterward.

Other mentions of her daughter, state that she ran away mysteriously for whatever different reasons. All of this, took place sometime during the 19th century. The home itself was in a fairly remote area where this reclusive woman and her teenage daughter lived. What happened to the father is unknown and the assumptions are, he died from disease or simply left his family behind.

Teenager The White Lady story

The White Lady’s daughter was described as a beautiful young woman and pursued by many male suitors. The What Lady was very protective about her daughter, warning her about the dangers some of these men presented, with their unsavory intentions.

Respectfully, the daughter initially listened to her mother, but her heart yearned for the love and affection of a good man. It was one evening, when her daughter decided to leave their home and journey to the shores of the lake. (Lake Ontario)

Worried, The White Lady waited up all night for her daughter, yet she never returned. She was convinced that her daughter met a young man from the area and that they ran away together. Perhaps feeling abandoned from before by her husband, she didn’t want to be alone and desperately wanted to find her daughter soon.

Other mentions about the story say—that the daughter worried so much about her mother, that she wouldn’t have left by her own free will. It was believed that something rather mischievous happened that night to her.

The White Lady ruins

Eventually, the home where they lived, fell into disrepair right down to the foundation. Over time, teenagers would come here to make out turning this area into a “lover’s lane”. The peaceful quite setting made this a good spot for young lovers to go.

The White Lady ghost photo

The White Lady and her restless soul, still continues to haunt this area as she wanders aimlessly dressed in white. Sightings and stories about her have manifested over time. Now, she has left her mark upon this fabled tree for all to see—reminding those she still continues to search for her beloved daughter.

(Source: Weird Us and New York Upstate)

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