Shades of Death road

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According to legends and lore do not take a road located in Warren County, New Jersey which runs south from interstate 80. This particular road goes by another name called Shades of Death road. Why it got its name is from numerous reports of ghostly sightings among a history of death and destruction.
It seems back in the early 1900’s a man was actually beaten to death with a tire iron over a handful of gold coins along this very road.

This wasn’t the only incident to happen there are others such as woman who cut off her husbands head and buried each part of his chopped up corpse along each side of the road here. Another thing that happened was a local man named Bill Cummins who was shot and killed in cold blood. His body was then buried in a roadside mud pile. The killer to date was never found as they covered their tracks rather cleverly.


Rumors do include seeing ghosts at the road both at night and in the daytime. Not far from here is the Jenny Jump Forest. It has been said that the low-hanging branches were actually used in nightly lynchings. The Jenny Jump Forest consists of 14 miles of scenic trails, hunting and fishing. There is a lore about the lake here being haunted. By what is unknown however, perhaps demonic forces plague this area as well.

The evil doesn’t stop here, as several sections of the road include sacrificial cult paraphernalia which has been found. Several strange reports mention black magic ceremonies led by dubious cults who hold practices at night nearby the roadway. People have been spotted wearing mysterious hoods and gowns.

Even after all of these happenings, it doesn’t detour paranormal hunters and enthusiasts from visiting this area. It has become a tourist attraction bringing too many for the local community to handle. A lot of the local residents haven’t enjoyed the extra traffic in the area. Many are not only upset about the tourists but by what has happened of course.

The ghostly reports include more hooded figures who seemingly vanish when approached. There is one spot along the Shades of Death road known as Haunted Hollow. The paranormal presence is great here and a ghost hunters have made their way to the area.


The lake here fittingly has the name Ghost Lake as reports of wraith ghosts have been seen manifesting from the water. The lake was man-made and created back in the early 20th century. From the right side of Ghost Lake lies a small cave once used by the Lenape Indians. Stories include a Native American spirit guide who takes the shape of a deer and then appears at different locations along the road at night.


The Shades of Death road was once surrounded by a swamp which was the source of deaths related to malaria carried by the mosquitoes. The ghostly spirits still continue to haunt this road, if traveling here be wary of what you might see or experience.


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