Ancient Aztec artifacts have been presented in Mexico

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Aztec head carving presented

Ancient artifacts have been presented recently from Ojuelos de Jalisco, Mexico. It is a small place with a population of around 12,000 people. What these artifacts represent, is further proof pointing to the existence of extraterrestrials. It is believed that these are the work of the Aztecs. Many of these stone carvings point to UFOs and alien depictions seen in each etching.

This was initiated by families who are related to the Aztec people. They decided to bring their personal collections together; to discuss and further examine the believed alien visitor carvings. Many do believe that aliens have frequently visited and/or live here on Earth with us. What is seen is quite remarkable—as the details show elongated faces and large eyes of beings from other worlds.

Aztec carving alien ship and alien

The items have been created from precious stones and metals including both gold and copper. Looking at some of the artifacts, clearly one can see what appears to be both comets flying through the sky along with a type of spaceship. It is believed that these beings had great technology and perhaps even shared some of it with civilizations around Earth.

It does seem far fetched to think that all the technology we have was just randomly learned by humans. The ancient Aztecs had a vast empire and was well advanced for its time period. Some of the techniques included both irrigation methods and architecture created unlike anything seen before. The buildings were far more advanced during this period of Earth. Much more has yet to be found and many secrets from the past remain there until time travel becomes openly available for all.

Carved spaceship

One can question the authenticity of these Aztec pieces, but honestly who really knows for sure unless you were actually there. With carbon dating, perhaps more information can be estimated at least. These pieces are priceless as relics from the past and should be displayed in museums for all to see. Appraisers should say they are simply priceless. There appears to be a glaze used upon the stone surface, that is not in fact glaze but rather an ancient method used to seal the stones.

Aztec carving alien ship

Perhaps this gives these artifacts more credibility overall. With so many of these etchings showing space travel, it really makes you wonder what people may have encountered here on Earth many years ago. People at this get together have concluded, that these carvings do show flying saucer spaceships among alien beings. To the Aztec ancestors, they must have thought of them as gods of some sort. A few of the carvings depict the artifacts in a rather angelic way. The artifacts number well into four hundred or more. Each of them may hold further answers to histories past progression and future.

(Source: The Usual Routine)

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