Possessed doll wanders the streets of Mexico

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Possessed doll on streets of Mexico

Believed to be filmed in Mexico, this rather astonishing footage shows a doll known as “Elfos de Pep Catala” which translates into “Elves by Pep Catala.” These series of dolls were sold in Spanish speaking countries back in the 1970’s and now. Seen in the video, is one doll being walked by a woman along the side of the street. A child is seen and heard crying momentarily, as it watches confused over this strange doll walking on the streets that evening.

Several comments were made, including that these dolls were made to move this way. However, this particular doll seems to move rather awkwardly. It is believed that this doll was possessed by a spirit. How long the doll was under the control of this spirit is unknown, it does appear to be walking with some assistance from an unknown woman. The quality of the video isn’t clear enough to see—if strings were used or some other type of mechanism.

Possessed doll wanders streets of Mexico

The head actually appears to be moving, along with the legs and arms in some moments. One person mentioned, that this was a little person or perhaps a toddler that was dressed up for this. The thing is though, the mask doesn’t appear to have any ventilation. So, how would the small child or little person breath inside of this outfit?

Another possibility is that a monkey or another animal was used like a small dog or cat. Again, if this is true, then how is it able to breath with this solid plastic/rubber looking mask? There doesn’t appear to be any air holes under the nose area.

When the woman walks, she and the doll have a sort of coordination going on. Strings if used aren’t noticeable as the video quality isn’t that great this only adds to the mystery of this. How long ago this video was recorded isn’t known either—but the estimation is between the last 7 to 8 years.

There have been other doll walking videos, but they move more mechanically than this one seen. When the doll is handed over to the man seen in the video the doll stops moving altogether. Perhaps this spirit was fixated on her only. Haunted dolls date back to Egypt and the enemies of Ramses III.

People then created dolls in his likeliness to bring forth an early death to him. Rituals were practiced to curse those who resembled the doll. Other history includes poppet, effigy and voodoo type dolls which were believed to be cursed objects. Even today, dolls are used in rituals and even satanic practices associated with the occult.

(Source: Strange World Archives)

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