Nine-Foot Tall Giants Found Near Giza Pyramids

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An unusual catch was discovered by MrMBB333 on YouTube, who posted images of larger than normal men wandering the streets of Egypt. Some have speculated, that these images are in fact proof of the Anunnaki, returning to our planet in some shape, way or form.

The Anunnaki, are a group of deities that appear in the mythological traditions of the ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians. Perhaps the Annunaki have been here all along and have never left Earth.

Nine feet tall Giants in Egyptian street

Others believe, these images are nothing more than vantage point perspectives. Sometimes, illusions can make things appear smaller or taller than they really are. While this is quite possible, it doesn’t mean this is fact either.

When MrMBB333 posted his video, he commented by saying these could be the descendants of the people who originally built the huge pyramids, or even the fabled Annunaki gods.

Oddities seen in the video, include the height of the giants seen. Their waists seems to come up over the top of the car. The estimation is, these giant men could be upwards of 8 to 9 feet tall. Also mentioned in the video, are the odds of both of them being on either side of the street at the same time. All of this, seems quite extraordinary.

Giant Men found in Egypt street

It seems that viewers are split on their belief in this being real. Someone said, there are only around 3000 or so people who are 7 feet tall or more. It is a pretty rare to be this kind of height. One person mentioned, that they live in this area where this Google Earth capture was taken. It is an area nearby Sheikh Zayed City. Sometimes they travel there and said there is nothing special about this area at all. Their belief is this was nothing but an optical illusion of sorts.

Rumors say, that living inside of pyramids is good for your health and well being. Perhaps this made these men heighten more than normal. Surely all of this is quite skeptical. However, with so much being hidden by governments around the world, it is tough not to question things to some degree anyway.

Evidence of The Smithsonian covering up giant relics is an actuality. Many different bones have been found around various parts of the world – that are far larger than a typical man or woman of modern day.

One person said they were impressed by all of this. They referred to scripture in the Bible and the last days of Noah. Those days were full of wickedness and much violence. People were half demon and half human.

Found in Genesis 6:4, makes reference to giants upon the Earth. When sons of God, came in unto the daughters of men and bare children to them. The same became mighty men, which were of old men of renown.

It seems that people are scared of the truth and wanting to change our past known history, for whatever different reasons. If these men really are giants, then this is an extraordinary find by MrMBB333. The truth is out there somewhere.

(Source: Express)

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