Legend of the dog-headed men

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Dog-headed men

Legends and lore states that long ago, a tribe of dog-men and women existed. Scientific proof has yet to be presented about these dog-men. However, there are tales about a race of people who had the body of a human with the head of a dog. The Egyptians believed in the dog god Anubis, who had jackal like features. Perhaps he made these species of people as a representation or extension of him here on Earth.

Anubis would take on different roles like many other Egyptian deities. Originally, Anubis was known as an embalmer ushering souls into the underworld. The stories about dog-headed men date back far into history and have been referred to as Cynocephali, a derivative from the ancient Greek words “cyno”.

This meant dog, and “cephaly” which meant disease of the head. Described as humanoid-like beings, these dog-men are well known in different parts of the world. This includes both ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. Other stories about them, date back to both Europe and Africa in origin. Said to have had teeth which were longer than that of dogs, they also had fingernails which grew long, curved and rounded.

The dog-men were hunters by nature much like dogs are by comparison. With their heads and keen senses they were able to track down their prey fairly easily. It was written that the dog-men would go out to hunt and roast their kills by the warmth of the sun. The dog-men and women would raise flocks of sheep and goats as well. Known for devouring fruit of the Siptakhora, they cultivated this very fruit for the creation of bread, flour, and cotton.


These dog people also fashioned a number of weapons as well including swords, spears and bows. It was believed that these dog-people would live inside caves and could run faster than a normal human could. Their women would bathe once a month and the men rarely at all. However, the men would wash their hands.

Anointing themselves three different times a month, they used oil made from milk to wipe themselves off. Only the wealthiest of their kind would wear fine linen clothing but there were only a few that did. This dog-race would not sleep on beds but on that of leaves and grass. The ones who had the most sheep were considered to be the wealthiest. Their physical appearance included them having tails above their hips, similar to dogs only with more hair. The lifespan of this species was believed to be upwards of 170 years with a few of them living until 200.

Dog-headed men Italy

Those who came across these dog-headed people mentioned they were brutish but did display forms of organized religion. They worshiped oxen and wore various gold and silver charms pertaining to religion. An Italian monk happened by them, known as Odoric of Pordenone. The time period marked between 1317 to 1330.

His encounter with them was on the island of Nicoveran. Well known explorer Christopher Columbus mentioned an encounter with these creatures when he landed in Haiti. During this time period, it was known as Bohio. The description given were canines with one eye of their forehead—with the head of a dog and body of a man. Perhaps the bones of this race will turn up one day and even more incredibly perhaps a descendant is still out there somewhere.

(Source: Mysterious Universe)

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