Angelic Spirit Protects Child From Evil Entity

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This remarkable story, dates back several years ago…when a 40 year old mother named Natasha Rummelhoff, explained and shared her amazing photograph. Her son Ryker, was only 5 years old during this time. She swears that something was lurking in the darkness, known as “The Black” and it was ready to do harm to her child.

Guardian angel spirit wards away The Black entity

Her inclination was, this guardian spirit was her late father Mike Decker protecting her young boy. This spirit (assumed to be her father) had what resembled wings, stretching out from either side of them. The photograph taken, was by accident as she was taking snapshots of Ryker playing by the campfire in the families home garden.

Children are believed to see spiritual entities that adults simply cannot. Perhaps this is proof of something seen in this photo. The family previously has lived in different locations throughout the world, including two years in Uganda between June 2013 and February 2015.

Natasha explained, that she even got holy water from a neighbour and brandished it. Perhaps this preparation, was from this unusual encounter. Natasha isn’t sure whether or not she actually believes in angels. However, her more religious friends do.

From what is last known, their family now lives in the Washington D.C. area. Natasha said, “It has an angel shape but I am not religious so I don’t believe in angels and demons in that aspect. [To me] it’s a floating thing, a spirit of some kind.

Some of my more religious friends say it’s an angel, as does my mum. It does have the typical shape of one. I was not trying to catch anything in particular. As I took the picture I looked to see what was there and I was quite shocked. I put down the camera and said ‘you guys have something hanging around you’.

But you couldn’t see anything with the naked eye. But when I put the camera to my eye it appeared again in the picture. People said it was lens flare and that’s fine if that’s what they see. But that’s not what I see.

I met a medium last year who has had a lot of contact with my dad and she and I had long conversations about how [some of the family] were not accepting he was gone and this could have kept a link. I am always looking for the signs of him being around such as lights flickering or him appearing in my dreams.

I take these [signs] as him letting me know he is there. Maybe it is, maybe not. I keep an open mind about it. I’ve never been closed minded about it. I’m not religious but [I think] ghosts and spirits do linger though. Ryker said it was a ghost but he doesn’t really understand.”

This isn’t the first time her son Ryker experienced “The Black”. It happened before where the family was living in Uganda. Ryker allegedly noticed something lurking by his window, he had a horrible fear of his bedroom she explained. Her other son Sebastian Riggs age 16 noticed something was attached to him as well. It seems that both children were magnets for some kind of paranormal presence. By trade, Mrs. Rummelhoff works as an investigator and put her skills to use over these different incidents.

Natasha said, that they even tried to use water to cleanse the area. It is assumed that she may have tried smudging also. This practice is done by using sacred herbs to create smoke around a person, place or object of some kind. Whatever was following this family around seems to be gone for now, thanks to the guardian spirit watching over them. However, young Ryker still has trouble sleeping some dark nights.

(Source: Sunday Express)

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