Nurses Share Their Chilling Death Bed Stories

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Before we leave this world, there sometimes is unfinished business that we must bring closure to. Quite incredibly, a number of nurses have seen and shared their stories from patients, who were ready to leave our world and move on into the afterlife.

Each of these folks who were ready to die, seemed to experience something rather extraordinary. A recurring theme, seems to be the comfort of a loved one standing by their bedside or an angel ready to take them away. Perhaps even, these angels took the form of a lost loved one to bring a person comfort before they pass on.

Nurses Share Their Chilling Death Bed Stories

The things that these people said, seemed to haunt the memories of these nurses. While we question and ponder what happens to us next, there is some evidence that another existence awaits us all. Some think that while living here on Earth, we are in actuality living in Hell. We are here to learn and later ascend to become a better soul.

There is a divine reason for us all to be here, we have a mission or a purpose. Most of us spend our entire lifetime trying to figure out what exactly it was or is. Think about your day and how you interact with others. Are you being the best person you can be? Treating others with respect and kindness, will go further than stepping on them to get what you want.

These video interviews, demonstrate that a higher purpose is in place for all of us. Each of these women, have experienced something extraordinary that they will remember until their very last breath. The people who decide to enter a care-giving career, are already on the right path. There is a reason they chose this line of work. They have an open heart to help others and that is where we all should be. (even with our intentions)

As each woman shares her story, it all becomes clear…they were witnesses to an extraordinary vision before these people died. One nurse explains, how a man was ready to die and was in excruciating pain. Before he died, he witnessed a man wander by at the same facility who shuffled by his doorway. The nurse said the hair on the back of her neck stood up, because the man he described had died earlier that day. It seems this man’s time was up as well.

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After watching this testimonial video, this gives someone a sense that everything progresses at a natural pace. However, we don’t know for sure what will happen to us, until ultimately we leave this world ourselves.

These speculations and witnesses do seem to give us hope however. Most everyone has experienced some kind of loss in their life. It is tough to recover from if at all possible. Try to treasure your life and those around you, as life is truly is short. Make the most of everything each and every day, as you never know what day will be your last.

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