Shocking Sex With Bigfoot Movie Stars School Board Candidate

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There have been many movies made relating to the fabled footed Bigfoot. Some of them are downright interesting, while others not so much. Most people know of Bigfoot, this humanoid ape-like beast walks upright and typically leaves behind large sized footprints. They are elusive, yet many videos allegedly have captured evidence of their existence. Communities seek to conquer the truth by hunting down Bigfoot seeking to find the truth.

Mostly, Bigfoot wanders through the wilderness living among other creatures from nature. The next time you hear a rustle in the woods, it might be something else. Folklore beliefs point to the Bigfoot being a protector of humanity, spectating from a distance. Some believe, they are actually from another planet altogether and were brought here to regulate the world by some shape, way or form.

Edward X. Young as Dr. Laurence Corman

The premise of a film like this is an eye-opener. It is a bizarre attention grabbing title. The film apparently stars Edward X. Young as Dr. Laurence Corman. Young is a Brick school board candidate living in New Jersey. People certainly will be left scratching their heads over this one.

The basic story line about this movie, is Bigfoot breeding with people. This movie showcases Edward X. Young who is currently running for three different seats on the Brick Board of Education next Tuesday.

As a candidate, he is getting attention for this. Perhaps even, this was part of his master plan. Edward is behind the idea and production of this film and didn’t stop until the movie was actually made. This soon-to-be-released production will be titled and released as “Bigfoot: Blood Trap” directed by John Orrichio. Certainly Young is generating ultra-high controversy for his candidacy from this film. Young is one of six different candidates running during the election.

Sex With Bigfoot Bigfoot Blood Trap

The controversy surrounding him is from the film’s violent sexual content. Some think that Young should not “be in a position of making decisions that affect school children.” In the film, Young portrays a cryptozoologist named Dr. Corman. The opening sequence, shows his family being slaughtered by a Bigfoot. This happened after his wife killed a young Bigfoot (Littlefoot) earlier on.

Edward X. Young Bigfoot

This savage Bigfoot chooses to spare Corman’s life so it can continue to torment him. The movie is cringe worthy no doubt. Claude Brodesser-Akner from NJ Advance Media for attempted to contact Young but his voicemail was not accepting any more messages.

However, during an interview with NJ Advance Media, director John Orrichio stated that international distributors wanted the opened part of the film to include either a killing or a lesbian sex scene, so it would be more appealing to foreign audiences.

Orrichio said, “Let’s do a killing in a lesbian scene.” Seen during the film, are two heavily-tattooed women featured in their own erotic forest encounter. There are more strangely seen moments within the film that will leave audiences flabbergasted. Director Orrichio insisted that this film is just another horror film and not some kind of porn film. It is up for the audience to decide if they are brave enough to watch this low budget production. It is weird and that is what might make it stand out. Whether or not this film brings down Young’s chances for election, is another story altogether.

(Source: NJ)

Bigfoot: Blood Trap Trailer from John Orrichio on Vimeo.

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