Are We Living On A Prison World?

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Things sometimes just don’t make sense, yet we all follow rules setup by a select few…possibly even just one overall controlling force. These authority figures control far too much in our lives.

Most anyone would want a Utopian type society, where everyone thrives together. Instead, it has become a competition of sorts. A rat race to many, where only a few get ahead of the game.

Many decisions seem to be created to suppress the masses. Logically, these choices do not make sense in the scope of things. Truly people were not created equally.

Whether or not remnants of the past point to distinct changes in our world or they were hidden to the public, it seems like any belief circles back to politics and a government that is in control. 

They forget that people put them there in hopes that they will help us. Instead corruption has seeped in. What kind of world would it be if politicians were completely transparent? Some think we are instead living in some kind of computer simulation. Nobody really knows until they leave this existence behind. 

Are We Living On A Prison World

The theory is, Earth is an actual prison type world where we might be under the control of other dimensional type beings. Look at all the suffering, the addiction to medications the suppression of the human spirit and the worship of money.

To see what has been happening, we first must examine the past and rightfully learn from our past mistakes. It seems to be quite a feat, as we continue to stumble along the way.

Where did we actually come from? This subject continues to be debated about, over and over again. Maybe we did not evolve from monkeys, but from the alliance of extraterrestrials and indigenous type humans.

Both large and small bones have been reportedly found that are humanoid. Were these really our past ancestors? If so, why do things like this continue to be hidden or quietly swept under the rug?

Some native tribes believe we came from the stars. There are many paintings, drawings and carvings that suggest this. Spaceships in these depictions can be seen in different areas of the world. Everyone knows what a UFO is or a spaceman. 

The biggest defining questions still remain unanswered for. Why are we here and what is our purpose for being here? Hopefully it is not to live as slaves but the society that has been setup suggests this.

The prison world theory, makes some kind of sense to our hardship. Let’s hope things get better for everyone. We cannot continue with this kind of existence. People must look towards the future of humanity or what is left of it.

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