Small Strange Creature Filmed In The Forest Of Dagestan, Russia

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Deep within the forest of Dagesta, Russia was an unusual sighting recently. A video was released capturing “something”. Seen in this video, is an alleged creature of some kind.

Some people believe it to be that of frog. While it could be, others are thinking it is some kind of toy instead. Quite possibly, it could be an unusually shaped piece of branch, placed on top of a nearby fallen tree.

Strange creature filmed in the forest of Dagestan

If this is some extraordinary find, then it is unidentified yet. The location of where this is located is around 74 square miles in size. This area is a part of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in Russia. 

The terrain around this forest also stretches out turning into wetlands. There are various different things living here. Maybe this is some kind of new species found? This region has a lot of wildlife with an abundance of food to flourish on. It would explain this small creature thriving off the forest and being there.

The estimation is this thing might be around 11 to 12 inches in size. While there are many stories of little creatures in mythology, this does spark the imagination. Numerous tales of wonderment include brownies, sprites and fairies that lurk deep within the secluded forests in nature.

The possibility of finding a unique species is slim, but there are many unexplained things that linger in our very world. Many discoveries have been made by exploring deep within the ocean below. 

There are remote areas in the wild where many people do not tread. Bigfoot still remains elusive yet many do believe it really exists. Perhaps there are other things out there waiting to be discovered. Some of them remain hidden for a reason.

One thing for sure is, this creature seems to be quite brave as it didn’t turn to run away from whoever was filming it. 

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