Questionable Alien Videotaped In Oregon Forest

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This footage allegedly shows what resembles an alien entity on camera. The video was posted on YouTube back on August 16, 2011. Whatever this was, it had glowing eyes and a humanoid type shape. It is unknown what time of night it was, when this was recorded.

The man who recorded this, mentioned they live six miles from the closest city. It is assumed that they live in the country somewhere. When they started hearing strange sounds coming from the forest near their home, they went outside to investigate. What they witnessed is something that they will never forget.

If this video is legit, then it is one of the best captured recordings of any kind of alien-like entity ever seen. Since the video was taken at night, it makes seeing further details difficult. However, this alien looking creature might be something closer to “The Rake”.  

This bizarre entity, is similar to The Slender Man phenomena, a created monster of sorts. Often these types of things are reported as being a naked man or large hairless dog of some sort. With their hands, they would likely do a lot of damage to their victim. Their hands are more like claws and it is believed that they can strike rather quickly.

These creatures are believed to be violent and extraordinarily dangerous. Because this video predates both “The Slender Man” and “The Rake”, it gives the video more credibility. Whatever this thing was, it was likely scouting in the night. The man who recorded this is quite lucky they didn’t get attacked by this thing. It’s appearance looks quite threatening for sure.

Another possibility is this thing being some kind of Wendigo. In Algonquian folklore, this mythical type creature, is an evil spirit found in the areas of the Atlantic Coast and Great Lakes Region of the United States and Canada. This monstrous creature, has some characteristics of a human comparing its physical size. Some think these have an intense craving for human flesh like a cannibal.  

If this is an alien, then it is assumed some kind of spacecraft would have been around this same area when this occurred. Things get covered up all the time and this was easily dismissed as another fake CGI video. However, not everyone agrees with that. It was interesting to see.

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